Lethal Weapon 4
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Title . Lethal Weapon 4 
Release date: 10 July 1998 
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Warner Bros. -  Silver Pictures production 
Credits . Cast: 
  • Mel Gibson ------- Martin Riggs
  • Danny Glover ----- Roger Murtaugh
  • Joe Pesci --------- Leo Getz, private detective
  • Rene Russo ------- Lorna Cole
  • Chris Rock ------- Lee Butters, cop
  • Jet Li ------------- Wah Sing Ku
  • Steve Kahan ----- Captain Ed Murphy
  • Kim Chan -------- Uncle Benny
  • Darlene Love ----- Trish Murtaugh
  • Traci Wolfe  ------ Rianne Murtau
  • Eddy Ko --------- Hong
  • Steven Lam ------- Ping
  • Richard Libertini --- Rabbi
  • Ray Chang -------- Ping's father
  • Jeanne Chin ------  Ping's mother
  • Damon Hines ----- Nick Murtaugh
  • Ebonie Smith ----- Carrie Murtaugh
  • Elizabeth Sung ---- Hong's wife
  • Conan Lee -------- Four Father #1
  • Director --------------- Richard Donner 
    Producer -------------- Joel Silver, Richard Donner 
    Exec producers ------- Steve Pery, Jim Van Wyck 
    Co-producers --------- Dan Cracchiolo, Mills Goodloe 
    Assoc Producer ------- Llyse Reutlinger, Spencer Franklin, Jennifer Gwatz 
    Music ---------------- Michael Kamen, Eric Clapton, David Sanborn 
    Editors ----------------Frank Urioste, Dallas Puett 
    Camera -------------- Andrzej Bartowiak 
    Production designer --- J. Michael Riva 
    Costume -------------- Ha Nguyen 
    Special effects coordinator ---- Jon Belyeu 
    Martial arts choreography --- Cory Yuen, Huen Chiu Ku, Chi Wah Ling 
    Casting --------------- Marion Dougherty 
    Publicity -------------- Andrew Lipschultz 
    Screenplay ----------- Channing Gibson 
    Story ----------------- Jonathan Lemkin, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar 
    Based on characters created by Shane Black 
    Rated R 
    Running time 127 min 

    . "Lethal Weapon 4" - is the latest movie of the series. We left Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh after escaping death from the previous movie. Here they are put on a hit list by The Triads. With mercinaries are on their tail, they team up with Leo Getz, Lorna Cole and Chris Rock to attempt to put an end to the Triads. 

    Shot in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

    Production - Leathal Weapon IV production budget has been reported to be $115 million to $130 million. The filmmakers are under a time crunch to get the movie released, in large part because the release dates were selected long in advance at the time the producton was approved. This big budget film is being watched closely since Warner Bros. has been indefinitely postponing or canceling other big budget pictures lately (see The Wall Street Journal, Thursday 23 April 1998 Page B1, "Warner Bros. Cancel Films, Cuts Budget") such as Superman Lives starring Nicolas Cage and I Am Legend with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    Previous Lethal Weapon films 

    1987 Lethal Weapon 
    1989 Lethal Weapon 2 
    1992 Lethal Weapon 3 
    All Lethal Weapon films have been directed by Richard Donner and starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. 

    Action film. 

    World Premiere - World premiere Tuesday 7 July at Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The Lethal Weapon 4 cast will watch as Danny Glover does the hand and footprint in the cement thing. Ceremony starts at 5:00 pm. Premiere begins at 6:00. Public is invited to join the crowd. 

    Trailing Bits 14 June from a fan - I would not even guess what the budget is. They are still doing post-production on the film-working long, hard hours to meet the date of July 10th. Saw a trailer and the film looks great. Audience reaction to the trailers has been great. It'll be awesome. Have a "Lethal" summer! 

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