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The King and I Movie 
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The King and I 
Release date: 19 March 1999 
The King and I Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Miranda Richardson ----- Anna (voice) 
Christiane Noll ----------- Anna (singing voice) 
Martin Vidnovic ---------- The King (voice) 
Darrell Hammond -------- Master Little (Voice), a new character 
Ian Richardson ----------- The Kralahome (voice) 
Armi Arabe -------------- Tuptim (voice) 
David Burnham ---------- The Crown Prince (singing voice) 
Alan Hong --------------- The Crown Prince (voice) 
Tracy Venner Warren ---- Tuptim (singing voice) 
Adam Wylie ------------- Louis (voice) 
Directed by --------------- Richard Rich 
Produced by -------------- James G. Robinson, Arthur Rankin Jr., Peter Bakalian 
Executive producer -------- Robert Mandel 
Screenplay by ------------- Peter Bakalian, Jacqueline Feather, David Seidler 
Adaptation of the musical by ------------- Richard Rodgers,  Oscar Hammerstein II 
Arranged orchestrated and conducted ---- William Kidd 
Conceived and adapted for animation by -- Arthur Rankin 
MPAA Rated G 

"The Kind and I", the movie, is an animated film based on the popular musical. Oriented towards family entertainment. 

The Sony soundtrack features Barbara Streisand performing "I Have Dreamed", "We Kiss In A Shadow" and "Something Wonderful." 

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"The King And I - 1999 Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack 
Audio CD (March 16, 1999) 
Sony Music; ASIN: B00000I92F 
Track Listings 
1. I Have Dreamed - Barbra Streisand  
2. We Kiss In A Shadow - Barbra Streisand  
3. Something Wonderful - Barbra Streisand  
4. Getting To Know You  
5. March Of The Siamese Children, The  
6. Puzzlement, A  
7. I Whistle A Happy Tune  
8. Hello, Young Lovers  
9. I Have Dreamed  
10. Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You?  
11. Prayer To Buddha  
12. Anna Remembers  
13. Shall We Dance Fantasy  
14. Shall We Dance?  
15. Finale  
16. Prologue  
17. Arrival In Siam  
18. Moonshee's Mischief  
19. Two Servants  
20. Anna's Demands  
21. Kralahome's Scheme  
22. Tuptim's Gift  
23. Anna's Academy  
24. Everything Scientific  
25. Children Outside Palace  
26. What To Say To Growing Son  
27. Evil Duo  
28. Anna Will Stay  
29. Mango Madness  
30. Kralahome's Sinister Trap  
31. Banquet  
32. King's Threat  
33. Balloon Rescue  
34. King's Fate  
35. Prince's Future  
36. Kralahome's Demise  
37. Anna's Surprise  
38. Finale


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