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Jawbreaker Movie
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Release date: 19 February 1999 
Jawbreaker Official Web Site
Sony Pictures Entertainment 

Rose McGowan ----------- Courtney Shayne 
Rebecca Gayheart --------- Julie Freeman 
Julie Benz ------------------ Marcie Fox 
Judy Greer ----------------- Fern Mayo/Vylette 
Chad Christ ---------------- Zack Tartak 
Ethan Erickson ------------- Dane Sanders 
Charlotte Roldan ----------- Liz Purr 
Carol Kane ---------------- Miss Sherman 
Pam Grier ----------------- Detective Vera Cruz 
William Katt --------------- Mr. Purr 
P.J. Soles ----------------- Mrs. Purr 
Jeff Conaway ------------- Marcie’s Father 

Directed ----------------- Darren Stein 
Written by --------------- Darren Stein 
Produced by ------------ Stacy Kramer, Lisa Tornell 
Camera ----------------- Amy Vincent 
Editor ------------------- Troy Takaki 
Music ------------------- the Donnas 
Production designer ----- Jerry Fleming 
Costume designer ------- Vikki Brinkkord 
Hair and makeup -------- Carol Strong 
Stunts coordinator ------- Scott McElroy 
Casting ------------------ Lisa Beach, Sarah Katzman 
MPAA Rated R 
Running time: 87 min 
In the movie "Jawbreaker", the movie centers around the four popular and good looking girls at Reagan High. Liz has been identified as the most desirable girl and Prom Queen. The other three girls decide to kidnap her, put a jawbreaker in her mouth and place her in the trunk of a car. The fun teenage birthday stunt turns more serious when they discover that Liz is dead. The cover-up begins. 

Charlotte Roldan was 1993 Miss Teen USA 

Low budget comedy 

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"Jawbreaker (1999)"
Rated: R
Not for sale to persons under age 18. 
Starring: Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, et al.
Director: Darren Stein 
Edition Details:
NTSC format (US and Canada only)
Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, NTSC
ASIN: B00000IML0 
Jawbreaker VHS
"Jawbreaker (1999)"
Rated: R
Starring: Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, et al. 
Director: Darren Stein 
Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, Widescreen
Commentary by director Darren Stein
Production notes
Theatrical trailer(s)
Full-screen and widescreen anamorphic formats
ASIN: 0767832302
Jawbreaker DVD
"Jawbreaker 1999 Film Soundtrack
Various Artists - Soundtracks - Song Collections - 1999
Audio CD (February 9, 1999)
Pgd/London Classics; ASIN: B00000HZQ4
Track Listings 
1. Yoo Hoo - Imperial Teen
2. I See - Letters To Cleo
3. Next To You - Ednaswap
4. Don't Call Me Babe - Shampoo
5. Bad Word For A Good Thing - The Friggs
6. Stay In Bed - Grand Mal
7. Flow - Transister
8. She Bop - Howie Beno featuring Cruella DeVille
9. Water Boy - Imperial Teen
10. Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
11. Rock 'N' Roll Machine - The Donnas
12. Beat You Up - The Prissteens
13. Trouble - Shampoo

Fan Comments
10 Nov 00 - i loved jawbreaker becuase it was funny when she made love to marilyn manson. she was a pretty girl,manson is ugly.anomonous

3 May 99 - jawbreaker was the best movie in the world. rose mcgowan is so awesome.

30 Apr - i reallly reallly loved jawbreaker, me and my friends went to c it together and we loved it, we even liked it more then cruel intentions even tho that was really good too!oh well i g2g and a fan forever, jewels 

23 Mar - I saw Jawbreaker and I loved it. It's one of my favorite movies. If anyone wants to know if they should see it I really recommend this and even though it has nothing to do with Jawbreaker, I also recommend Cruel Intentions. -- Ashley 

28 Feb - I saw Jawbreaker last night and thought it was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time. The creative use of color, witty dialogue and fine performances from a rather attractive cast made this a real pleasant surprise. The young cast obviously has some talent. This gruesome farce really works. I'm recommending it to everyone I know. -- Brandon 

28 Feb - Jawbreaker is my most favorite movie of all time. The girls Rose Mc Gowan, Julie Benz, and Rebecca Gayheart are the deadliest evil actresses. They're  spectacular and I wish to meet them in person!! If I saw them face-to-face I'll totally scream!! 

28 Feb - Jawbreaker is awesome. hell , horror-comedy's are! 

27 Feb 99 - These teenage horror flicks are really getting pathetic, I am sorry but after Scream 1, they all seemed the same.  And hell scream 1 sucked. -- a disgusted viewer 

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