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The Iron Giant Movie 
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The Iron Giant 
Release date: 6 August 1999 
Iron Giant Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Jennifer Aniston ------------- Annie Hughes (voice)
Eli Marienthal ---------------- Hogarth Hughes (voice) 
Harry Connick Jr. ----------- Dean McCoppen (voice)
Vin Diesel ------------------ The Iron Giant
Christopher McDonald ------ Kent Mansley (voice) 
James Gammon ------------- Marv Loach/Floyd Turbeaux (voice) 
Cloris Leachman ------------ Mrs. Tensedge (voice) 
John Mahoney --------------- General Rogard (voice) 
M. Emmet Walsh ------------ Earl Stutz (voice) 

Directed by ----------------- Brad Bird 
Produced by ---------------- Allison Abbate, Des McAnuff 
Executive producer --------- Pete Townshend 
Associate producer --------- John Walker 
Camera -------------------- Mark Dinicola 
Editor ---------------------- Darren T. Holmes 
Music ---------------------- Michael Kamen 
Production designer -------- Mark Whiting 
Art director ---------------- Alan Bodner 
Head of animation ---------- Tony Fucile 
Artistic coordinator -------- Scott F. Johnston 
Casting -------------------- Marci Liroff 
Screenplay ----------------- Tim McCanlies 
Story ----------------------- Brad Bird 
Based on novel The Iron Man and play The Iron Man by Ted Hughes 
MPAA Rating: G 
Running time: 86 min 
In "The Iron Man", the movie is based on the children's classic story about a massive giant who stalks the earth devouring metal. I mean, he is hunger. He's a giant. This terrifies towns people. A kid, Hogarth, befriends the 50 foot robot that crash lands in the nearby forest of this 1950's town in Maine and protects the giant from a government agent among other things. 

Based on the 1968 novel classic, The Iron Man, by the late British poet laureate Ted Hughes. 

Expect to see lots of merchandise and buzz about this animated film as the release gets closer. 

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by Ted Hughes, Andrew Davidson (Illustrator) 
Reading level: Ages 9-12 
Hardcover - 80 pages (May 1999) 
Knopf; ISBN: 0375801677 
"The Iron Giant
by Ted Hughes, Andrew Davidson (Illustrator) 
Reading level: Ages 9-12 
Paperback - 80 pages (July 1999) 
Knopf; ISBN: 0375801537
"The Iron Giant
by Ted Hughes, Andrew Davidson (Illustrator) 
Reading level: Ages 9-12 
Library Binding - 80 pages (May 1999) 
Knopf; ISBN: 0375901671 
Fan Comments 
7 Aug - The best movie and story I have seen in years!!!! It should be seen by everyone, and not just children. This is not just entertainment...this is peaceful human education at its finest! A provocative look at how when a "creature" is put under attack, it responds to defend itself...probably a lot like us human bio-chemical-emotional-organic-spiritual-mechanical creatures ourselves. Put us under great distress, confusion and stress...physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually...and we can turn "UN-CONSCIOUSLY" into killers too. And in a way, we are the Iron Giants... only we are 500,000 years in the evolutionary making and we don't respond well to violence and confusion. 

Ted Hughes and Brad Bird should be highly commended for portraying in simple yet gracefully elegant means a story about our own spirituality and our human fears and logical mind...and even our primal survilistic predatory mind...and our eternal quest for PEACEFUL harmony with life, with great sacrifice and hope. And how we can evolve to peacefulness, when we remember that love and compassion are stronger components in our minds and spirits than are ability to destroy and be aggressively violent. Maybe, more films like this will endear young innocent minds about their ability to make "INDIVIDUAL" choice when it comes to responding to violence, death and guns...and especially turn away from insane governmental zealots that encourage power through war and armaments of destruction. The best line in the movie is without a doubt, "I AM NOT A GUN!" And maybe young children will re-assess their look at the GIJOE mentality of violent aggression with weapons...and stop glorifying the dysfunctional lying heroics of the military complex and the fanatics that make going to battle and killing such a insane option. 

Hope is a wonderful story and message to send out to the world. You have done so beautifully. Well done. BRAVO. -- Chris M 


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