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In Dreams Movie
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In Dreams 
Release date: 15 January 1999 
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DreamWorks Pictures 
Cast - in order of appearance: 
Annette Bening ------------- Claire Cooper 
Rebecca Cooper ----------- Katie Sagona 
Aidan Quinn ---------------- Paul Cooper 
Robert Downey, Jr. -------- Vivian Thompson 
Paul Guilfoyle -------------- Detective Jack Kay 
Kathleen Langlois ---------- Snow White 
Jennifer Berry -------------- Hunter 
Emma J. Brown ------------ Dwarves 
Jennifer Dragon ------------ Dwarves 
Samantha Kelly ------------ Dwarves 
Jennifer Caine Natenshow -- Dwarves 
Bethany M. Paquin --------- Dwarves 
Erica Sullivan --------------- Dwarves 
Amelia Claire Novotny ----- Prince 
Kristin Sroka -------------- Wicked Stepmother 
Robert Walsh ------------- Man at School Play 
Denise Cormier ----------- Woman at School Play 
John Fiore ---------------- Policeman 
Ken Cheeseman ---------- Paramedic 
Dennis Boutsikaris -------- Doctor Stephens 
Devon Cole Borisoff ------ Vivian Thompson (as boy) 
Stephen Rea -------------- Doctor Silverman 
Prudence Wright Holmes --Mary 
Lonnie Farmer ------------ Nurse Rosco 
Margo Martindale -------- Nurse Floyd 
June Lewin --------------- Kindly Nurse 
Pamela Payton-Wright --- Ethel 
Krystal Benn ------------- Ruby 
Dorothy Dwyer ---------- Foster Mother 
Geoff Wigdor ------------ Vivian Thompson (as teenager) 
Wally Dunn ------------- Walter 
Eric Roemele ------------ Security Man (1970's) 
Dossy Peabody --------- Vivian's Mother 
John Michael Vaughn --- Helicopter Pilot 
Brian Goodman --------- Policemen in Squad Car 
Michael Cavanaugh ----- Voice of Judge 
Pete --------------------- 'Dobie' 

Directed by --------------- Neil Jordan 
Produced by -------------- Stephen Woolley 
Co-produced by ---------- Redmond Morris 
Screenplay by ------------- Bruce Robinson, Neil Jordan 
Based upon the novel "Doll's Eyes" by -- Bari Wood 
Director of photography --- Darius Khondji 
Productioin Designer ------ Nigel Phelps 
Film editor ---------------- Tony Lawson 
Costume designer --------- Jeffrey Kurland 
Music by ------------------ Elliot Goldenthal 
Casting by ---------------- Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins 
Unit production manager -- Nan Bernstein Freed 
First assistant director ------ Patrick Clayton 
Second assistant director -- Christopher H. Mores 
MPAA: Rated R for violence/terror and language. 
Running Time: 100 min 


Left to right: Aidan Quinn as Paul Cooper; Stephen Rea as Dr. Silverman; Annette Bening as Claire Cooper; Robert Downey, Jr., as Vivian Thompson
Left: Vivian Thompson (Robert Downey, Jr.) is a serial killer who is bent on avenging his lost childhood. 
Right: Neil Jordan directed and co-wrote the screeplay for the horror thriller In Dreams.
Left: Annette Bening as Claire Cooper, a woman whose dreams are the portent of real-life nightmares. 
Right: Annette Bening as  Claire Cooper.
"In  Dreams" is a psychological thriller of the story of Claire Cooper (Annette Bening), a woman whose dreams are the portent of real-life nightmares. 

Psychically connected to the mind of a madman, Claire is haunted by the twisted visions of a killer (Robert Downey, Jr.) who seems obsessed with her. Coming to her in her dreams, the killer gradually begins to close in on Claire's waking life, irrevocably drawing her into a dark vortex of insanity and murder. 

Underwater - The underwater scenes were filmed in Rosarito, Mexico at the same enormous tank constructed for the film "Titanic". The opening water scene is a town buried under flood waters for the past 30 years. It was filmed in Tank 1, a 100-foot x 200-foot, 40-foot deep concrete pool that can hold up to 17 million  gallons of water. Another tank, Tank 2 , was used for lowering Vivian's childhood bedroom in the water from a steel platform supported by a unique hydraulic motion control system, creating a flooding effect. Thank 2 is a 100-foot x 200-foot, 29-foot deep tank that holds 4.3 million gallons of water. A third Tank was used for other water scenes, including one of Claire's dreams. 

Neil Jordan -- won an Academy Award (R) for best Original Screenplay for "The Crying Game," which also brought him an Oscar (R) nomination for Best Director in 1992. His most recent film was "The Butcher Boy." 

Katie Sagona -- as Rebecca Cooper, just turned nine years old but she has already appeard on film and on television. You may have seen her in the romantic comedy "You've Got Mail". On televison she has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman" and "Saturday Night Live," as well as daytime series "Guiding Light," "As The World Turns," "All My Children" and "Blue's Clues." 

Krystal Benn -- as Ruby, is nine years old, counts "In Dreams" as her first major feature film. She played a young Wynonna Judd in the NBC miniseries "Love Can Build a Bridge." She has had other TV guest star roles. 

Filmed at 

Northampton, Massachusetts 
North Carolina 
Fox Studios, Baja, Mexico
imho - For the twisted psychotic delusional oriented movie going. An immensely intense movie where Annette Bening does a great performance as she is tormented by her dreams. The opening underwater ghost town pulls your attention into the depths. Director Neil Jordan has made this a very visual movie blending quickly between what is dreamt, what is real, and what is unreal. DreamWorks brings back the supernatural thriller. In Dreams, Day Dream, Sweet Dreams. If you consider yourself even mildly dangerously clairvoyant than this red good apple is for you. -- reviewed 11 January 

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Elliot Goldenthal 
Audio CD (January 12, 1999) 
Number of Discs: 1 

Fan Comments 
25 Jan - I think the story line was great, but DreamWorks, who dropped the ball here?? How many times do you see the microphone bobbing above the actor's heads?? I was HIGHLY disappointed with the editing quality. From the makers of Antz (loved) and Toy Story (loved even more), I was expecting a much better performance than I received, honestly, it wasn't worth the 6.50 to see it!! 

17 Jan - After seeing this in the theatre opening night, this movie is by far the best movie I have ever seen. I have yet to see it again. If I like it as much as I did the first time it will be my number one movie. The closest reference I can come to is that if you liked seven, you will like this movie. A definite must see if you are into thrillers. The effects/sound are top notch, and the feel that you "know" what is going to happen, but do not know, is a fairly new and integral part of this movie. A definite must see.  


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