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The Impostors 
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The Impostors 
Release date: 2 October 1998 
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Oliver Platt ------------ Maurice, Arthur's partner, out of work actor 
Stanley Tucci --------- Arthur, out of work actor 
Alfred Molina --------- Jeremy Burtom, over rated English actor 
Lili Taylor ------------- Lily, stewardess on the ocean liner 
Tony Shalhoub -------- First Mate, slightly deranged 
Teagle F. Bougere ---- Sheik 
Steve Buscemi -------- Happy Franks 
Allison Janney --------- Maxine (Maxi) 
Matt McGrath --------- Marco 
Richard Jenkins ------- Johnny (Frenchman) 
Isabella Rossellini ----- Queen (Veiled Woman) 
Campbell Scott -------- Meistrich 
Billy Connolly --------- Sparks 
Dana Ivey ------------- Mrs. Essendine 
Hope Davis ----------- Emily 
Allan Corduner ------- Captain 

Directed by ---------------- Stanley Tucci 
Produced by --------------- Stanley Tucci, Beth Alexander 
Executive producer -------- Jonathan Filley 
Music by ------------------- Gary DeMichele 
Director of photography -- Ken Kelsch 
Custome designer --------- Juliet Polcsa 
Editor ----------------------- Suzy Elmiger 
Production Design by ----- Andrew Jackness 
Written by ----------------- Stanley Tucci 
MPAA Rated R 
The movie, "The Impostors", follows the adventures of two actors who inadvertently stow away on a ship rife with intrigue. Arthur and Maurice are good friends, out of work actors, who are always pretending to be who they are not. While trying to escape from the law they find themselves in a packing crate aboard a cruise ship. With the help of Lily, they attempt to remain incognito. Yea right. That doesn't last long. Who is real and who isn't and a chance to save the ship. 


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