The Horse Whisperer
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Title . The Horse Whisperer 
Release date: 15 May 1998 at 2,039 theaters 
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Touchstone Pictures
Credits . Cast: 
Robert Redford ----------- Tom Booker, horse whisperer 
Kristin Scott Thomas ----- Annie MacLean, Grace's mother 
Scarlett Johansson -------- Grace MacLean, 14 year old 
Sam Neill ------------------ Robert MacLean, Grace's dad 
Dianne Wiest -------------- Diane Booker 
Chris Cooper -------------- Frank Booker 
Cherry Jones -------------- Liz Hammond 
Ty Hillman ----------------- Joe Booker 
Catherine Bosworth ------ Judith 
Austin Schwarz ----------- Twin #1 
Dustin Schwarz ----------- Twin #2 
Jeanette Nolan ------------ Ellen Booker 
Steve Frye ----------------- Hank 
Don Edwards -------------- Smokey 
Jessalyn Gilsig ------------- Lucy 
C. J. Byrnes --------------- The Doctor 

Directed by: Robert Redford 
Produced by: Robert Redford, Patrick Markey 
Executive producer: Rachel Pfeffer 
Co-producer: Joseph Reidy 
Director of Photography by: Robert Richardson 
Music by: Thomas Newman 
Custome design by: Judy L. Ruskin 
Redford's costume designers: Gary Rydstrom, Steve Boeddeker 
Equine technical adviser: Buck Brannaman 
Written by: Richard LaGravenese, Eric Roth 
Based on novel by Nicholas Evans 
Rated PG-13 
Running time: 168 min 

. "The Horse Whisperer" is a mother, her daughter and recovery. Annie takes her 14 year old daughter Grace MacLean together with Gracie's horse, Philgrim,  to recover emotionally and physically at a ranch in Montana where a "horse whisperer," Tom Booker, has a unique gift for curing troubled horses or curing the people who own horses. 

IMHO - If you like Robert Redford go see "The Horse Whisperer". Redford has left his hoof prints all over the movie. The patient understanding horse whisperer seems to be liked by everyone. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the role of a detached mother convincingly. It's the relationship between Annie and Tom that is limiting. You so wish the sparks would fly but the heat is just not there. No heat, no passion, leads to not enough tension. Photography is excellent. Panoramic sweeping landscapes and you know this is not New York anymore. If you read the book, you might find the movie ending rings more true to character. Better resolution of the characters in the movie version. Great musical score though some scenes might have been enhanced with the extreme quiet hush that can be felt in this wide open spaces. Dianne Wiest is particularly good as the rancher's wife. Be warned though, the movie seems to be a bit long. 

Filming - Filmed in Montana, Livingston Montana, Big Timber Montana, Jackson Wyoming, New York New York, Saratoga New York, Ballston Spa New York, Connecticut. 

Novel based on the book by Nick Evans, "The Horse Whisperer," Delacort Press, 1997

Budget - Estimated cost of The Horse Whisperer is put at approximately $75 million.
"The Horse Whisperer: An Illustrated Companion to the Major Motion Picture" available through Click on cover at right for larger image or this link for more information including reviews and commentary. The ideas behind the movie and extensive photos.  

"The Horse Whisperer : A Novel" by Nicholas Evans available through Click on cover at right for larger image or this link for more information including reviews and commentary. Be warned, you will find a different ending in the book than the movie.  


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