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. Homegrown 
Release date: 17 April 1998 Seattle 
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Credits . Cast: 
  • Billy Bob Thornton --- Jack Madsen
  • Kelly Lynch ---------- Lucy
  • Hank Azaria ---------- Carter
  • Ryan Phillippe -------- Harlan
  • Jon Bon Jovi ---------- Danny
  • Jamie Lee Curtis ------ Sierra Kahan
  • Ted Danson ---------- Gianni Saletzzo
  • John Lithgow --------- Malcom / Robert Stockman
  • Judge Reinhold ------- Policeman
  • Jon Tenney ----------- Pilot
  • Matt Clark ----------- Sheriff
  • Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal 
    Written by: Stephen Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Kazan 
    Story by: Jonah Raskin, Stephen Gyllenhaal 
    Produced by: Jason Clark 
    Executive producers: Naomi Foner, Tom Rosenberg, Sigurjon "Joni" Sighvatsson, Ted Tannenbaum 
    Edited by: Michael Jablow 
    Music by: Trevor Rabin 
    Production design: Richard Sherman 
    Custome design: Joseph Porro 
    Director of Photography: Greg Gardiner 
    Rated R for pervasive drug content and language, and for some violence and sexuality. 
    Running time 101 mins 

    . Homegrown movie is three guys, Jack, Carter and Harlan, who find themselves responsible for a major marijuana plantation in northern California. But running a big time operation and finding buyers for millions of dollars worth of product gets them in over their heads. Too late to change their minds, they continue forward. A comedy thriller. 
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