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Home Fries 
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Home Fries 
Release date: 23 October 1998 
Home Fries Official Web Site
Warner Bros. 
Drew Barrymore -------- Sally Jackson 
Luke Wilson -------------- Dorian Montier 
Catherine O'Hara ------- Mrs. Lever, Angus' and Dorian's Mother 
Jake Busey -------------- Angus Montier 
Shelley Duvall ----------- Mrs. Jackson 
Kim Robillard ------------ Billy 
Daryl Mitchell ----------- Roy 
Lanny Flaherty ---------- Red Jackson 
Chris Ellis --------------- Henry Lever 
Blue Decket ------------ Sheriff 

Directed by ------------- Dean Parisot 
Produced by ------------ Mark Johnson, Lawrence Kasdan, Barry Levinson, Charles Newirth 
Executive producer ----- Romi Lassally 
Associate producer ----- Susann Jones 
Assistant director ------- Michael Waxman 
Music by ---------------- Rachel Portman 
Camera ------------------ Jerzy Zielinski 
Costume Design by ---- Jill M. Ohanneson 
Production Designer --- Barry Robison 
Casting ------------------ Jill Greenberg Sands, Debra Zane 
Edited by ---------------- Nicholas C. Smith 
Written by -------------- Vince Gilligan 
MPAA Rated PG-13 
Running time 93 min 
The movie, "Home Fries", it is a comedy starring Drew Barrymore as single and pregnant. Toss in an eccentric mother and two brothers. Helicopter that fills the the woods with rounds. 

Catherine O'Hara is not the forgiving type wife, especially for the father of Barrymore's baby to be. So the plan is to have Dorian become a new employee of the eatery where Barrymore works as a cashier and find out the details. But Dorian falls for Barrymore. And the helicopter returns. 

Odd-ball off-center romantic comedy. 

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