Hideous Kinky
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Title . Hideous Kinky 
Release date:  16 April 1999 
Hideous Kinky Web Site - UK web site
The Film Consortium/BBC Films/Greeenpoint Films/L Films/Arts Council of England 
International Distributor: The Sales Co. 
Credits . Cast: 
  • Kate Winslet
  • Said Taghmaoui
  • Directed by:  Gillies MacKinnon 
    Produced by: Ann Scott 
    Co-producer: Emmanuel Schlumberger, Marina Gefter 
    Executive producer: Mark Shivas, Simon Ralph 
    Screenplay by: Billy MacKinnon 
    Photography by: John de Borman 
    Edited by: Pia Di Ciaula 
    Line Production by: Paul Sarony 
    Production design by: Louise Marzarolli 
    Costumes by: Kate Carin 
    Sound by: Bruno Scharier 
    1st Assistant Director: Stephen Woolfenden 
    2nd Assistant Director: Beni Turkson 
    3rd Assistant Director: Jim Threapleton 
    Based on novel by Esther Freud 
    MPAA Rated R for some sexuality and language. 

    . A smaller film based on the novel by the real-life granddaughter of Sigmund Freud. Winslet plays a hippie mom who rans away to spend years in Morocco with her kids in the early 70's. The two young kids and their mother face all sorts of adventures as they travel about while their mother attempts to find herself. 

    The title comes from the only words spoken by the mentally and physically declining wife of one of mom's boyfriends. Unaware of the woman's suffering, the two young sisters turn Hideous! Kinky! into magic words for a game of tag. 

    Shot in Morocco from 20 October to 20 December 1997. 

    Based on the novel "Hideous Kinky" by Esther Freud, hardcover published by Harcourt Brace and Company, April 1992 ISBN: 0151402167. Paperback expected to be released in 1998. 

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