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Gone With The Wind 
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Gone With The Wind 
Release date 26 June 1998 re-release in an estimated 200 theaters 
Gone With The Wind Official Web Site 
New Line Cinema 
  • Vivien Leigh ------------ Scarlett O'Hara 
  • Clark Gable ------------ Rhett Butler
  • Leslie Howard ---------- Ashley Wilkes 
  • Olivia De Havilland ----- Melanie Hamilton
  • Hattie McDaniel -------- Mammy 
  • Thomas Mitchell -------- Gerald O'Hara 
  • Butterfly McQueen ----- Prissy 
  • Barbara O'Neil --------- Ellen, his wife
  • Evelyn Keyes ----------- Suellen O'Hara 
  • Ann Rutherford --------- Carreen 
  • George Reeves --------- Stuart Tarleton 
  • Fred Crane ------------- Brent Tarleton 
  • Oscar Polk ------------- Pork 
  • Victor Jory ------------- Jonas Wilkerson, the overseer 
  • Everett Brown ---------- Big Sam, the foreman 
  • Howard C. Hickman ---- John Wilkes 
  • Alicia Rhett ------------- India, his daughter 
  • Rand Brooks ----------- Charles Hamilton, her brother 
  • Carroll Nye ------------- Frank Kennedy, a guest 
  • Laura Hope Crews ----- Aunt Pittypat Hamilton 
  • Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ----- Uncle Peter, her coachman
  • Harry Davenport ------- Dr. Meade 
  • Leona Roberts --------- Mrs. Meade 
  • Jane Darwell ----------- Mrs. Merriwether 
  • Ona Munson ----------- Belle Watling 
  • Paul Hurst ------------- Yankee Deserter 
  • Isabel Jewell ------------ Emmy Slattery 
  • Cammie King ----------- Bonnie Blue Butler 
  • Eric Linden ------------- Amputation Case 
  • J.M. Kerrigan ----------- Johnny Gallagher 
  • Ward Bond ------------- Tom, a Yankee Captain 
  • Jackie Moran ----------- Phil Meade 
  • Cliff Edwards ----------- Reminiscent Soldier 
  • Lillian Kemble-Cooper -- Bonnie's Nurse in London (as L. Kemble-Cooper) 
  • Yakima Canutt --------- A renegade 
  • Marcella Martin -------- Cathleen Calvert 
  • Louis Jean Heydt ------- Hungry Soldier 
  • Mickey Kuhn ----------- Beau Wilkes 
  • Irving Bacon ------------ The Corporal 
  • Robert Elliott ----------- Yankee Major 
  • William Bakewell ------- Mounted Officer 
  • Mary Anderson -------- Maybelle Merriwether


    Directed by: Victor Fleming 
    Produced by: David O. Selznick 
    Screenplay by: Sidney Howard 
    Based on the novel by: Margaret Mitchell 
    Photography by: Ernest Haller 
    Technicolor assoc.: Ray Rennahan, Wilfrid M. Cline 
    Special photographic effects by: Jack Cosgrove 
    Fire effects by: Leo Zabitz 
    Musical score by: Max Steiner 
    Production Design by: William Cameron Menzies 
    Costume Design by: Walter Plunkett 
    Art direction by: Lyle Wheeler 
    Supervising film edited: James E. Newcom 
    Rated G 
    "Gone With The Wind", the movie,  is re-released in this 1998 New Line film.  "Gone With The Wind" is the winner of eight Academy Awards when it was originally released in December 1939 including Best Picture. 

    The new prints use Technicolor's revived dye transfer process which  means that they are from a dye-trnasfer copy and then digitally enhanced as opposed to say creating them from the original three strip nitrate negative. The original 1:33-to-1 aspect ratio has been restored and the sound has ben digitally remastered. Previous reissue version of the classic had a 1:85 to 1 ratio.  The current ratio appears closer to square and is true to the original. 

    The original December 1939 version was a long 223 minutes. This release will also be presented with its original overture, an intermission and exit music as planned by Mr. Sleznick. That's four hours with a 15 minute intermission about the Civil War and a Georgia women who seems to cope with everything but the love of one man. 

    Restoration - EDS Digital Studios, a Los Angeles based restoration company, spent more than 12 months digitally repairing what many had considered permanent damage to the film's negatives. EDS's 30 visual-effects artists worked frame-by-frame to restore 18,000 frames which translates into 12 minutes and 30 seconds of film. They worked on an as-needed basis focusing on the most dramatic scenes. The cost to digitally restoring the damaged frames is incredibly steep because each frame is done individually by hand on a compositing system. 

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