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Tittle . Godzilla 
Release date: 20 May 1998 
Advanced shows at most locations 7:00 pm 19 May 1998 
Godzilla Sony Pictures official web site
Credits . Cast: 
  • Matthew Broderick --- as Nick Tatopoulos, scientist
  • Jean Reno ------------- as Philippe Roche, insurance investigator
  • Maria Pitillo ----------- as Audrey Timmonds, aspiring reporter
  • Hank Azaria ----------- as Animal, cameraman
  • Michael Lerner -------- as Mayor of New York
  • Harry Shearer --------- as Charles Caiman, news anchor
  • Arabella Field --------- as Lucy, animal's wife
  • Philippe Bergeron ----  as Jean-Claude 
  • Frank Bruynbroek ---- as Jean-Pierre 
  • Malcolm Danare 
  • Kevin Dunn 
  • Bodhi Elfman 
  • Vicki Lewis 
  •  Doug Savant 
  • Directed by: Roland Emmerich 
    Produced by: Dean Devlin 
    Executive producers: Ute Emmerich, Bill Fay 
    Co-producer: Peter Winther 
    Co-producer/UPM: Kelly Van Horn 
    Executive in charge of production: Dionne McNeff 
    Co-executive producers: Rob Fried, Cary Woods 
    Production design by: Oliver Scholl 
    Director of Photography: Ueli Steiger 
    Original music by: David Arnold 
    Costume design by: Joseph A. Porro 
    Edited by: Peter Amundson, David Siegel 
    VFX editor: Peter Elliot 
    Art production designer: Oliver Scholl 
    Designer Creature FX: Patrick Tatopoulos Design, Inc. 
    Visual art design and animation: Digital FX CentropolisFX 
    Visual Effects (EFX) supervisor: Volker Engel 
    Written by: Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich 
    Rated PG-13 

    . "Godzilla" is the big movie starting the summer of 1998. That's right, this is The Godzilla. The star in 22 Japanese films. You remember Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin from Independence Day. They created this original convincing fire-breathing giant lizard. Godzilla itself is a combination of many different effects. Much more agile with lots of different powers. And pregnant. 

    Godzilla's Budget - Godzilla's production budget reported to be $125 million. Sony is estimated to have spent in excess of $60 million advertising costs in the US and another $60 million overseas. Sony also spent several million dollars for the extra prints to place it in over 7,000 screens. That's 20 % of the U.S. movie screens. 

    Box Office 5-7 June - Godzilla drops to third place at the weekend boxoffice with an estimated $10.0 M for a cume to date of $114.3 M based on estimated figures available Sunday 7 June. 

    Box Office 22-25 May - The much hyped Godzilla opening of $55.7 for the four day Fri-Mon holiday weekend fell far short of beating the record opening of The Lost World $90.2 million. While an impressive opening, it is considered disappointing since many insiders were predicting a $96 million weekend. For the seven days since its Tuesday evening release, Godzilla has brought in an $74.3 million. 

    Year's top boxoffice: 

    1. $577.0 mil Titanic in release 22 weeks 4 days 
    2. $146.7 mil As Good as It Gets in release 22 weeks 0 days 
    3. $136.1 mil Good Will Hunting in release 24 weeks 4 days 
    4. $125,2 mil Tomorrow Never Dies in release 22 weeks 4 days 
    5. $100.7 mil Scream 2 in release 23 weeks 4 days 
    6. $ 98.9 mil Deep Impact in release 2 weeks 4 days 
    7. $ 93.0 mil Flubber in release 21 weeks 5 days 
    8. $ 76.9 mil The Wedding Singer in release 14 weeks 4 days 
    9. $ 74.3 mil Godzilla in release 1 week 0 days 
    10.$ 70.5 mil City of Angels in release 6 weeks 4 days
    Opening Big - With the weekend over, preliminary figures places Godzilla as the eight highest 3-day  weekend debut of all time.  Godzilla placed third in Memorial 4-day weekend box office. 

    Memorial Day Weekends Boxoffice: 

    • $90.2 mil The Lost World 1997 Domestic cume $229.9 mil
    • $56.8 mil Mission: Impossible 1996 Domestic cume $181.0 mil
    • $55.7 mil Godzilla 1998
    • $37.1 mil Flinstones 1994 Domestic cume $130.5 mil
    • $37.0 mil Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Domestic cume $197.2 mil
    Did size matter? An opening as big as Godzilla itself. That's right. Sony negotiated to book over 6,000 prints of the film into North American theaters.  "Lost World" holds the record at 6,190 prints. A record 3,310 theaters with Godzilla roaring at a staggering 7,363 screens though screen counts are impossible to verify. Number of screens is suppose to be based on the number of prints ordered. However, the screen count could be even higher if prints are interlocked which allows them to show on more than one screen simultaneously. 

    Opening Theaters Ranking 

    1. 3,310 theaters Godzilla 20 May 98  
    2. 3,306 theaters Lost in Space 3 April 1998 
    3. 3,281 theaters The Lost World: Jurassic Park Memorial Day weekend 1997
    Advanced screening at most North American locations started at 7 pm Tuesday 19 May.  Many location to show the Godzilla prints in the old dye transfer Technicolor prints used by Hollywood color films in the late 1930s and 1940s. Godzilla is the first film to use this process this widely. 

    Godzilla premiere 18 May was on a giant screen in Madison Square Garden for over 11,000 attendees at a cost of $2 million which Sony said was to be the biggest indoor premiere in New York City history. 

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