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. The Gingerbread Man
Release date: 23 January 1998
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Credits . Cast:
  • Kenneth Branagh ----- Rick Magruder
  • Embeth Davidtz ----- Mallory Doss
  • Robert Downey Jr. ---- Clyde
  • Daryl Hannah ----- Lois
  • Tom Berenger ----- Peter Randall
  • Mae Whitman ----- Libby
  • Robert Duvall ----- Dixon Doss
  • Wren Arthur ----- Robin
  • Alyson Beasley ------ Diva Puppet
  • Angela Beasley ----- Audrey Puppet
  • Jesse James I
  • Famke Janssen
  • Julia Ryder Perce
  • Grace Tootle
  • Reference:
    Directed by: Robert Altman
    Produced by: Jeremy Tannenbaum
    Costume designer: Dona Granata
    Music by: Mark Isham
    Editor: Geraldine Peroni
    Production designer: Stephen Altman
    Director of Photography: Changwei Gu
    Executive producers: Todd R. Baker, Mark Burg, Glen Tobias
    Written by: John Grisham
    Rated: R

    . Rick MacGruder is the successful lawyer. Rick helps Mallory save her father, Dixon Doss, who has been committed to a psychiatric hospital. Dixon escapes from the hospital. Rick's life is threatened and then his children kidnapped. It is in a remote cabin that the lines are drawn.

    Yes, John Grisham wrote this. I know, you thought he just wrote books that were adpated to movies by someone else.

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