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Forces of Nature 
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Forces of Nature 
Release date: 19 March 1999 
Forces of Nature Official Web Site 
DreamWorks SKG 
Sandra Bullock -------- Sarah 
Ben Affleck ------------ Ben 
Maura Tierney --------- Bridget 
Steve Zahn ------------ Alan 
Blythe Danner --------- Virginia 
Ronny Cox ------------ Hadley 
Michael Fairman ------- Richard 
Janet Carroll ----------- Barbara 
Richard Schiff ---------- Joe 
David Strickland ------- Steve 
Meredith Scott Lynn --- Debbie 
George D. Wallace ---- Max 
Steve Hytner ---------- Jack 
  • John Doe ------------ Carl
  • Directed by ---------- Bronwen Hughes 
    Produced by -------- Susan Arnold, Donna Arkoff Roth, Ian Bryce 
    Screenplay by ------- Marc Lawrence 
    Camera ------------- Elliot Davis 
    Editor -------------- Craig Wood 
    Music -------------- John Powell 
    Assistant director --- K.C. Hodenfield 
    Associate producer - Ricki Spector 
    Production design --- Lester Colien 
    Art director --------- Christa Munro 
    Set decorator ------- Leslie Morales 
    Costume designer --- Donna Zakowska 
    Sound -------------- Geoffrey Patterson 
    Casting director ----- Junie Lowry Johnson 
    Publicist ------------ Amy L. Johnson 
    Unit production manager -- Steve Saeta 
    Second unit director/second unit camera -- Alexander Witt 
    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sensuality, language and a scene of drug use. 
    Running time: 104 min

    Top photo - On the way to his wedding, Ben (Ben Affleck)gets an unlikely traveling companion in Sarah (Sandra Bullock).
    Bottom photo - Trying to make it to Savannah, Sarah (Sandra Bullock) and Ben (Ben Affleck) must pretend to be married in order to join a couples-only bus tour heading south.
    In "Forces of Nature", the story is centered about a love triangle starring Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, and Maura Tierney. 

    Ben Affleck is the New Yorker who travels to a distant city to marry his fiancee, Maura Tierney. En route he encounters some forces of nature including a hurricane and a female traveler, Sandra Bullock. 

    Ronny Cox plays Daniel Cahill, a father of Tierney's character. A powerful and opinionated man, Cahill tries to convince his daughter that her ex-boyfriend is much better marrying material than her current fiance (Affleck). 

    Romantic comedy. 

    12 Mar Fri - Ben Affleck on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC 

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    "Forces Of Nature Soundtrack
    Original Soundtrack 
    Audio CD (March 16, 1999) 
    Uni/Dream Works Records 
    Track Listings  
    1. Everlasting Love - U2 
    2. Love The One You're With - Chris Tart 
    3. Would You? - Touch And Go (Trailemen Go To Rio mix) 
    4. Remember Me - Blue Boy 
    5. Take California - Propellerheads 
    6. Battle Flag - Pigeonhed (Lo-Fidelity Allstars remix) 
    7. Whippin' Piccadilly - Gomez 
    8. If Loving You Is Wrong - Faithless 
    9. Slowly - Tricky 
    10. Magic Bus, The - Swervedriver 
    11. Rollin' Tumblin' - R.L. Burnside (remix) 
    12. Bring My Family Back - Faithless 
    13. Descarga De Hoy - Jesus Alemany's Cubanisimo
    "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
    Sarah McLachlan 
    Audio CD (February 15, 1994) 
    Bmg/Arista; ASIN: B000002VN7 
    1. Possession 
    2. Wait 
    3. Plenty 
    4. Good Enough 
    5. Mary 
    6. Elsewhere 
    7. Circle 
    8. Ice 
    9. Hold On 
    10. Ice Cream 
    11. Fear 
    12. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
     Fan Comments 

    15 May - Forces of Nature like was a excellent movie. Sandra and Ben make the best like ever couple. Sarah's (Sandra Bullock) outfits are like so in fashion and they like look the best on her. Sandra can like fit into any fashionable outfits. -- Naquita

    20 Apr - Hey, I just saw the movie for the second time today, and I really liked it again. I think Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck make the cutest couple. I was just wondering where Sandra got those AWESOME clothes? She looks good in anything. I really like Sarah's style in "Forces of Nature". She looks so free spirited. If anyone has any idea as to where she got those outfits from the movie I would like to know. Thank you. 

    11 Apr - Does anyone have access to the quote at the end of the movie? Ben says it as a voice-over at the very end of the film (when they are in Hawaii) and it is supposedly from a Bishop in the 16th(?) century. Any helpful hints would be GREATLY appreciated. 

    11 Apr - I saw Forces of Nature once and I want to go see it again. I thought the movie was so good because Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck played really good and they a good couple. When I first saw the movie I thought it was going to be corny but after I saw it I thought it was so good that I am going to see it again and again. -- Lauren 

    10 Apr - I believe the song they are talking about is Fear by Sarah McLachlan. It is on her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album. It is at the very end of the movie where Sandra Bullock is going in to see her son.  I hope this helps. -- Jeanelle 

    7 Apr - I was reading your post... I did the same exact thing. I went out and bought the album and the song wasn't on it! If you happen to run into this song, please e-mail me what it is... I would really appreciate it! -- (webmaster comment: if anyone has the answer, let me kow and I will post it here.acase@casenet.com

    4 Apr - We just got back from seeing this movie & I have to say that we were disappointed. Not so much in the movie or acting, but the ENDING!  I know people will say it is realistic or whatever, but I just don't know what the point of this movie was. All throughout the film, I thought this was about a soulmate, fate, "forces of nature" type of thing, but the outcome just defeated the whole title. We weren't alone in this opinion.... most of the people leaving this film shared the same views. 

    29 Mar - Sorry, I don't know the name of the song you were asking about, but I WAS wondering what you thought of the soundtrack and if it is worth picking up anyway.  How is the cover of "Love the One You're With," and who is Chris Tart? Thanks. -- Ray 

    28 Mar - Hey, I just wanted to tell you thanks because I was about to go out and buy the soundtrack tomorrow for that exact song.. I assumed it was Enya! Thank you SOOOOOO much for saying that... I wont go buy it now....and if anybody tells you what it is or how to find it, PLEASE let me know!!! I loved that song, it was just so perfect....I cried thru it!  Thanks! 

    28 Mar - Hi. I saw this movie last night *** I have a favor to ask.... I am so sick and tired of hearing a great song in a movie, only to be lead the next day to the store to purchase the soundtrack and be disappointed when the song I wanted is not on it. This is the case with forces of nature. In the final scene there is a song playing that sounds a bit new age/ enya type music and it's not on the sntk. Could you tell me who the song is by and the name of it if possible. I would really appreciate it! :) -- (editor - If anyone knows the answer, send it in and I will post it. acase@casenet.com

    27 Mar - There was a wonderful quote in this movie about commitment made by a bishop a long time ago.  I can't remember the bishop's name, and I loved it so much I am absolutely desperate to find out who he was and get my hands on the quote.  Can anybody help me.   The line comes at the end of the movie. -- Faye If anyone knows the anser to Faye's question please e-mail her at Faye 

    25 Mar - I thought the movie was great. Ben & Sandra are sensational. Great acting great everything. Ben is so hot. I saw'' Forces of Nature'' on Friday March 19 at 4:30. I give the movie **** stars out of 5. great, great, great, great. Ben & Sandra are H.O.T.T. HOT!!!!! Great movie. 

    23 Mar - I thought the movie was sweet, fun, and romantic! And the Strip club scene was so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing! And even when there was a kinda boring scene, it was ok because your could drool over Ben! I really recommend this movie!!! -- Skye, WA. 

    23 Mar - A HUGE ZERO! A DreamWorks and Sandra Bullock DISAPPOINTMENT!  Trite, pessimistic, stupid script. We walked out too far into the picture.  We kept hoping it would get better, but no dice.  A terrible flop. -- David and Sheila 

    22 Mar - This was a fabulous movie. It was lighthearted and I left the movie with a good feeling in my heart. --  fan in AZ 

    21 Mar - Sandra's baaaaack. Sandra gave the performance those horrible little critics have been whining for. A performance like the one she gave in While You Were Sleeping and Speed, refreshing, quirky, curtsey, etc., etc. Hopefully they will get off her back now, and let the poor girl just act, which is so painfully obvious what she loves to do. Isn't that all that really matters. I loved the movie from open to close. I saw it on Friday, and my sides are still aching from the "Strip Tease" scene. I get a major case of the giggles, just trying to tell my friends about it. This movie has it all, comedy, Ben, romance, Ben, dancing, Ben, great retro furniture, Ben, and most of all, it gives you something to think about. Believe in Love. Whether it be romantic, friendly, or motherly, just believe in it. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. -- Nicole 

    20 Mar - A really great story where everyone one ends up a winner. Ben and Sandra are HOT! -- MS Oregon 

    20 Mar - Great movie with real life ending! -- Fan in W.N.Y. 

    Fan writes 2 September 98 - Sandra and Ben are still filming at Dulles International Airport where I work and are projected to continue filming there through at least Saturday, September 5th.  FYI... 

    Fan writes 26 August 98 - This film is currently being shot in Richmond Virginia-- at an old motor inn (The Executive).  There has been a large contingency here for over a week. 

    Send me your comments. I post fan comments.
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