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The Faculty Movie 
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The Faculty 
Release date: 25 December 1998 
The Faculty Official Web Site 
Dimension Films 
Miramax Films 
Jordana Brewster --------- Delilah (TV's "As the World Turns") 
Clea DuVall --------------- Stokely (the upcoming "The Astronaut's Wife") 
Laura Harris -------------- Marybeth ("Suicide Kings") 
Josh Hartnett ------------- Zeke ("Halloween: H20") 
Shawn Hatosy ------------- Stan ("In & Out") 
Salma Hayek -------------- Nurse Harper 
Famke Janssen ----------- Miss Burke 
Piper Laurie --------------- Mrs. Olsen 
Chris McDonald ---------- Casey's Dad 
Bebe Neuwirth ------------ Principal Drake 
Robert Patrick -----------  Coach Willis 
Usher Raymond ---------- Gabe (The R&B artist makes his film debut)  
Jon Stewart --------------- Mr. Furlong 
Daniel von Bargen -------- Mr. Tate 
Elijah Wood --------------- Casey ("Deep Impact") 

Directed by --------------- Robert Rodriguez ("Desperado", "From Dusk Till Dawn") 
Produced by  ------------- Elizabeth Avellan 
Executive producers ---- Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein 
Associate producer ----- Tamee Smith-Zimmerman 
Assistant director -------- Doug T. Aarniokoski 
Line producer ----------- Bill Scott 
Written by --------------- Kevin Williamson ("Scream", "Scream 2") 
Story by ----------------- David Wechter, Bruce Kimmel 
Camera ------------------ Enrique Chediak 
Editor -------------------- Rodriguez 
Music -------------------- Marco Beltrami 
Music supervisor ------- Alex Steyermark 
Production designer ----- Cary White 
Art director -------------- Ed Vega 
Set decorator ------------ Jeanette Scott 
Costume designer ------- Michael T. Boyd 
Special makeup and creature effects -- Robert Kurtzman, Gregory Nicotero, Howard Berger, KNB EFX, Inc. 
Visual effects supervisor ---------------- Brian M. Jennings 
Digital visual effects --------------------- Hybride Technologies, Digiscope 
Computer graphics ---------------------- Threshold Digital Research Labs 
Computer graphics and digital compositing -- Centropolis Effects 
Casting ---------- Mary Vernieu, Anne McCarthy 
MPAA rating: R 
Running time: 102 min 
In "The Faculty", a movie where the Herrington High students fear that the faculty are aliens. 

You will not be disrespectful this school year! 

Sci-Fi Thriller 
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"The Faculty Original Soundtrack
Audio CD (December 15, 1998) 
Number of Discs: 1 
Sony Music; ASIN: B00000FYIS 
1. Stay Young - Oasis 
2. Kids Aren't Alright, The - Offspring 
3. School's Out - Soul Asylum 
4. Kids Aren't Alright, The - Offspring 
5. School's Out - Soul Asylum 
6. Medication - Garbage 
7. Haunting Me - Stabbing Westward 
8. Maybe Someday - Flick 
9. Resuscitation - Sheryl Crow 
10. It's Over Now - Neve 
11. Changes - Shawn Mullins 
12. Stay Young - Oasis 
13. Another Brick In The Wall - Class Of '99
Fan Comments 
13 May - i  saw the film with a friend and now we are totally in love with JOSH HARTNETT, he's sooooooooooooooo beautifull..................Laura

2 May - without a doubt the movie of '99, jordana brewster is gorgeous and the effects were excellent. i saw it twice and loved it both times. a sequel please! 

25 Apr - i just want to say that i saw the faculty and it rules, i've just got to get it on video & the soundtrack which is also brilliant. Elijah is so cute, Josh is SOOOOOOOO hot and it's the best film i've seen in ages. It's not so scary but it's incredibly FREAKY. And it's only been out 2 weeks over in England ........... it rocks ........  - Jemma :) 

11 Apr - I saw the Faculty and it was the best movie i have ever seen (mainly coz it had two majorly fit people in it, Elijah Wood (Casey) 
swoon and Josh Hartnett (Zeke) swoon.) I will definitely be going to see it again, and again, and again. Plus i MUST have it on video, it is honestly that good. The story line is fab and there isn't a moment when your not on the edge of your seat. Its a top movie and recommend it to anyone. 10/10 (The only bad bit in the film is the fact that i don't play Delighla who snogs Elijah) ISN'T FAIR ! -- Charlie,  London 

26 Jan - I saw the Faculty. It was the bomb. I saw it the day after my friend Kelseys b-day. It was Saturday. I love Elijah Wood. He is so cute and my favorite girl actress was the girl who played stokley. The only reason I wanted to see it is because of Elijah. I had a major crush on him in radio flyer. The movie was scary but I didn't jump. My friends mom moved the whole row of seats in the movies. 

24 Jan - I saw it 3 times!! I loved it soo much. And for all of you who haven't seen it...it is sooo much better than the previews. I love Shawn Hatosy. -- ashley 

18 Jan - I saw The Faculty and I loved it so much I am going to go see it again.  I love Josh Hartnett and he is such a hottie!  I love him! 

6 Jan 99 - I saw the movie 3 times and I think it rules!!  I think Zeke, Stan, and Casey are so hot.  The music in the movie is so awesome.  It fits right in with the movie. -- Lindsay 

31 Dec - I saw the movie twice and it's the best horror flick this year. Shawn Hatosy is the best -- Melanie 

31 Dec - The movie was great! The cast was wonderful! I am Marrying Josh Hartnett! 

30 Dec - I saw The Faculty. The movie was good. It was a tense film mixed with a lot of suspense and once again Kevin Williamson proves to be the best horror screenplay writer out there. The movie dealt with a lot of teenage issues that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to. It's a type of movie that I'm sure a lot of people can and probably will enjoy!!! -- Thomas 

29 Dec - loved it! 

28 Dec - I saw "The Faculty" opening night. It was a good movie filled with suspense, horror, and some comedy. The story line was very easy to follow and understand. I really enjoyed it and the cast was composed of very good actors and actresses. -- Tara 

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