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8MM aka Eight Millimeter Movie 
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aka 8 Millimeter 
aka Eight Millimeter 
Release date: 26 February 1999 
8MM Official Web Site 
Columbia Pictures 
Sony Pictures Entertainment 
Nicolas Cage ------------ Tom Welles, surveillance specialist 
Joaquin Phoenix ---------- Max California, porn shop owner who helps Tom 
James Gandolfini --------- Eddie Poole, porn film producer 
Peter Stormare ---------- Dino Velvet, S&M in NY 
Anthony Heald ---------- Longdale 
Chris Bauer ------------- Machine 
Catherine Keener ------- Amy Welles, Tom's wife 
Myra Carter ------------- Mrs. Christian, widow of rich businessman 
Amy Morton ------------ Janet Mathews, mother actress n 8MM movie 
Jenny Powell 
Anne Gee Byrd 
Jack Betts 
Luis Oropeza 
Rachel Singer 
Don Creech 
Norman Reedus 

Directed by -------------- Joel Schumacher 
Produced by ------------- Gavin Polone, Judy Hofflund, Joel Schumacher 
Executive producer ------ Joseph M. Caracciolo 
Co-producer ------------ Jeff Levine 
Screenplay -------------- Andrew Kevin Walker 
Camera ----------------- Robert Elswit 
Editor ------------------- Mark Stevens 
Music ------------------- Mychael Danna 
Production designer ----- Gary Wissner 
Art director ------------- Gershon F. Ginsburg 
Costume designer ------- Mona May 
Stunt co-ordinator ------- Eddie Yansick 
Assistant director -------- Alan Edmisten 
Casting ------------------ Mali Finn 
MPAA: Rated R for strong perverse sexuality and violence, and for strong language. 
Running time: 119 min 

In "8MM Eight Millimeter", the movie, a small-town Harrisburg, Pa. surveillance specialist Tom Welles is hired by Mrs. Christian to investigate the origin of an 8MM snuff film. Eddie Poole is a porn film producer who just might have some connection to the snuff film. Tom gets some help from Hollywood porn shop owner Max California and together they explore the trail of the porn actress in the 8MM film - Mary Anne Mathews, missing since 1993. 

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Audio CD (February 23, 1999) 
Compass III; ASIN: B00000I7J2 
Fan Comments 
22 Mar - Very disturbing film, but at the same time, I couldn't stop watching it. We all start out in basically the same place, so how do some people get so sick and twisted along the way?  -- Kit

20 Mar - Joaquin Phoenix (and his character) made the movie worth watching. When did he get so hot! -- Ash 

28 Feb - I really enjoyed the movie very intense and unexpecting. Very edge of the seat type film. -- Daniel 

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