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Dogma Movie
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Release date: 12 November 1999 US
Release date: 26 December 1999 UK
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  • Ben Affleck ------------- Bartelby
  • George Carlin ----------- Cardinal Glick
  • Matt Damon ------------ Loki
  • Linda Fiorentino -------- Bethany, the heroine
  • Salma Hayek ----------- Serindipity, muse
  • Jason Lee -------------- Azrael, hotheaded demon
  • Jason Mewes ---------- Jay, one of two prophets
  • Alan Rickman ---------- Metatron, messenger sent from heaven
  • Chris Rock ------------- Rufus, apostle
  • Bud Cort --------------- John Doe Jersey 
  • Alanis Morissette ------- God
  • Kevin Smith ------------ Silent Bob, one of two prophets
  • Jeff Anderson ---------- Gun Salesman
  • Brian O'Halloran -------- Grant Hicks 
  • Janeane Garofalo -------  Clinic Girl 
  • Betty Aberlin ------------ Nun 
  • Dan Etheridge ----------- Priest at St. Stephens
  • Guinevere Turner ------- Bus Station Attendant
  • Barret Hackney --------- Stygian Triplet
  • Jared Pfennigwerth ------ Stygian Triplet
  • Kitao Sakurai ------------Stygian Triplet



    Directed by --------------- Kevin Smith 
    Produced by -------------- Scott Mosier
    Co-producer ------------- Laura Greenlee
    Music by ----------------- Howard Shore
    Camera by --------------- Robert D. Yeoman
    Edited by ----------------- Scott Mosier, Vincent Pereira, Kevin Smith
    Producton Design by -----  Robert Holtzman
    Costume design by ------- Abigail Murray 
    Written by ---------------- Kevin Smith
    MPAA: Rated R for strong language including sex-related dialogue, violence, crude humor and some drug content.
    Runtime: 130 min
    "Dogma", a movie about a woman and two prophets who have been picked to save earth from two renegade angels.

    God is out on a leave of absence at the same time that two renegade angels find a loop-hole to get back into heaven, there is only one catch... They will destroy everything in the process. God's spokesman comes down to earth to tell the last zion ( jesus christ's great great great great great grand neice) that she has been appointed, along with two prophets (jay and silent bob) to stop the renagade angels. -- plot summary provided by a fan.


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    Original Release Date: 1999
    Wea/Warner Brothers
    ASIN: B00002SSQG

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