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Disturbing Behavior 
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Disturbing Behavior 
Release date 22 July 1998 estimated at 1,800 prints 
Disturbing Behavior Official Web Site 
  • Jimmy Marsden ------- Steve Clark, the newcomer to all this
  • Katie Holmes --------- Rachel Wagner
  • Nick Stahl ------------ Gavin Strick, one of the local freaks
  • Bruce Greenwood ---- Dr. Caldicott, school psychiatrist
  • William Sadler -------- Dorian Newberry, janitor
  • Steve Railsback ------ Officer Cox
  • Chad E. Donella ------ U.V.
  • Ethan Embry --------- Allen Clark
  • Katherine Isabelle ---- Lindsay Clark
  • Director ------------------ David Nutter 
    Producer ---------------- Armyan Bernstein, Jon Shestack 
    Executive producer ------ C.O. Erickson, Phillip B. Goldfine 
    Co-producer ------------ Scott Rosenberg, Elisabeth Seldes 
    Written by  -------------- Scott Rosenberg 
    Director of photography - John S. Bartley 
    Music ------------------- Mark Snow 
    Music supervisors ------- Sharon Boyle, John Houlihan 
    Production Design ------- Nelson Coates 
    Costume Design --------- Trish Keating 
    Film Editing -------------- Randy Jon Morgan 
    Rated R 
    "Disturbing Behavior" is the 1998 movie about a kid who stumbles upon a small-town conspiracy to convert rebellious teens into clean-cut , upstanding citizens.

    The high school is in the the beautiful town of Cradle Bay. Steve and Rachel do a little investigating and find that things seem to lead to Dr. Caldicott, the school psychiatrist.

    Shot in Vancouver, Canada. 

    Release date - The release date has been moved up 2 weeks from it's previous date of 7 August reportedly because the Miramax pic Halloween: H20 was planning on releasing that weekend and MGM wanted Disturbing Behavior to be released first as the first teen thriller on the market since "Scream 2". Whatever the reason, they are rushing to get it ready for the new release date. 

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