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Detroit Rock City Movie
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Detroit Rock City 
Release date: 13 August 1999 
Detroit Rock City Official Web Site
New Line Cinema 

Edward Furlong ------------- Hawk 
Giuseppe Andrews ---------- Lex 
James De Bello ------------- Trip 
Sam Huntington ------------- Jam 
Lin Shaye ------------------- Mrs. Bruce 
Melanie Lynskey ----------- Beth 
Natasha Lyonne ------------ Christine 
Miles Dougal --------------- Elvis 
Nick Scotti ------------------ Kenny 
Emmanuelle Chriqui ------- Barbara 
David Quane --------------- Bobby 
Shannon Tweed ------------ Amanda Finch 
Kristin Booth --------------- Cashier 
KISS: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss 

Directed by ------------------ Adam Rifkin 
Produced by ----------------- Gene Simmons, Barry Levine, Kathleen Haase 
Executive producers -------- Michael De Luca, Brian Witten 
Co-producer ----------------- Art Schaefer 
Camera ---------------------- John R. Leonetti 
editors ----------------------- Mark Goldblatt, Peter Schink 
Music ------------------------ J. Peter Robinson 
Music supervisors ---------- Spring Aspers, Allan Kaufman 
Production designer -------- Steve Hardie 
Art director ----------------- Lucinda Zak 
Set decorator --------------- Cal Loucks 
Costume designer ---------- Rosanna Norton 
Associate producer -------- Tim Sullivan 
Assistant director ---------- Ian Foster Woolf 
Second unit directors ------- Tony Markes, Schink 
Second unit camera -------- Harry Lake 
Casting ---------------------- Valier McCaffrey. 
Screenplay ------------------ Carl V. Dupre. 
MPAA Rated R or strong language, drug use and sex-related content. 
Running time: 95 min 
"Detroit Rock City" - the movie, there four teenagers (Hawk, Jam, Lex, Trip) who in 1978 keep trying every way they can to attend a KISS concert. 


The DVD version of "Detroit Rock City" will be released three weeks before the VHS version. The DVD will be available 12 December 1999 while the VHS version will be released to the rental market 11 January 1999. On the DVD you can expect a segment that can be watched in 3-D with glasses, a segment of "Detroit Rock City" which allows the viewer to choose between four different camera angles while watching a performance by Kiss in the movie. There will be 15 minutes of deleted scenes and screen test footage.

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2. Shout It Out Loud - Kiss
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6. Highway To Hell - Marilyn Manson
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9. Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
10. Surrender - Cheap Trick (live)
11. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
12. Strutter - The Donnas
13. School Days - The Runaways
14. Little Willy - Sweet
15. Nothing Can Keep Me From You - KISS

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