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. Deep Rising
Release date: 30 January 1998
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Credits . Cast:
  • Treat Williams ----- John Finnegan
  • Famke Janssen ---- Trillian
  • Wes Studi ----- Hanover
  • Anthony Heald ----- Nigel Carlton
  • Kevin J. O'Conner ----- Joey Pantucci
  • Directed by: Stephen Sommers
    Photography by: Howard Atherton
    Produced by: Laurence Mark, John Baldecchi
    Executive producer: Barry Bernardi
    Associate producer: Howard Ellis
    Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
    Production design by: Holger Gross
    Costume design by: Joseph A. Porro

    . The maiden voyage of the Argonautica is off to a wonderful start. It is described as the most luxurious liner ever built. The inauguration party is underway and everyone is having a great time.

    Suddenly everything goes down, ships power, communications, the stabilization system, everything. Hanover, the leader of a band of hijackers, who has hired Finnegan's boat to intercept the Argonautic executes their well organized and well equipped plan. But when they arrive, the unexpected. Too bad their well organized plan did not include planning for the unexpected. No one there but the creature. What sort of creature are they looking for?

    Box Office Weekend 30 Jan - 1 Feb - Deep Rising opens in 8th position with $4.6 million is weekend box office sales based on preliminary figures available Sunday 1 February.

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