Deep Impact
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Title . Deep Impact 
Release date: 8 May 1998 
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Paramount / DreamWorks
Credits . Cast: 
Robert Duvall -------- Spurgeon Tanner, astronaut/mission leader 
Téa Leoni ------------ Jenny Lerner, TV news producer 
Elijah Wood ---------- Leo Beiderman, 14 year-old comet discoverer 
Vanessa Redgrave --- Robin Lerner, Téa's mother 
Maximilian Schell ---- Jason Lerner, Téa's father 
Morgan Freeman ---- President Beck 
Leelee Sobieski ------ Sarah Hotchner, teenager 
James Cromwell ----- Alan Rittenhouse, government official 
Mary McCormack --- Andrea Baker, Messiah's Executive Officer 
Blair Underwood ----- Mark Simon, Messiah's flight navigator 
Dougray Scott -------- Eric Vennekor, TV cameron for Téa 
Ron Eldard ----------- Oren Monash, Messiah's Mission Commander 
Alexander Baluev ---- Mikhail Tulchinsky, Messiah's Russian Astronaut 
Jon Favreau ---------- Gus Partenza, Messiah's medical officer 
Len Berdick ---------- Fleeing Pedestrian 
W. Earl Brown ------- McCloud 
Denise Crosby ------- Vicky Hotchner 
Charles Dumas 
Phil Hawn ------------ Refugee 
Laura Innes ----------- Beth Stanley 
Joel Nater Jr. --------- Astronomy Club Member 
Richard Schiff  -------- Don Biederman 
Bruce Weitz ---------- Stuart Caley 
Gary Werntz ---------- Chuck Hotchner 
Betsy Brantley --------- Ellen Biederman 
O'Neal Compton ------ Morten Entrekin 
Rya Kihlstedt ---------- Chloe 
Charles Martin Smith -- Marcus Wolf
Joel Nater Jr. ------- Astronomy club Member

Directed by: Mimi Leder 
Produced by: David Brown, Richard D. Zanuck 
Executive producer: Joan Bradshaw, Walter F. Parkes, Steven Spielberg 
Associate producer: D. Scott Easton 
Director of Photography by: Dietrich Lohmann 
Production design: Leslie Dilley 
Costume designer: Ruth Myers 
Visual effects: Industrial Light & Magic 
Special effects supervisor: Michael Lantieri 
Visual effects supervisor: Scott Farrar 
Co-visual effects supervisor: Bill George 
Music by: James Horner 
Edited by: Paul Cichocki, David Rosenbloom 
Written by: Michael Tolkin, Bruce Joel Rubin 
Rated PG-13 
Running time 120 min 

. Deep Impact, the movie, is the first big event of the start of the summer. All about a mile-wide asteroid traveling through space on a collision coarse with Earth. And you thought you had a bad day. 

Comet Wolf-Beiderman is the comet discovered by the 14 year old Leo Beiderman at high school. Former astronaut Spurgeon Tanner commands a mission aboard the experimental spaceship Messiah to travel to the comet, land on its surface and plant nuclear charges in the hope of breaking up the comet or changing its orbit away from a collision with the Earth. 

Day to day life is about to change in a hurry. Scientist have begun to build several caves or "Arks" beneath the earth in order to prevent the extinction of the human race. At random, 800,000 people as well as 200,000 scientists and doctors are selected to stay in the caves in order to survive the "Deep Impact." 

And just how would you react to a death sentence? 

Budget - Estimated cost of Deep Impact is put at approximately $100 million. 

Huge Impact Opening Weekend - Box Office for opening weekend 8-10 May was $41.1 million and arrived in 3,156 theaters. It ties with the tenth largest opening in history, Twister's $41.1 million from two years ago this very weekend. 

Box Office 22-25 May - Deep Impact is number 2 far behind Godzilla but still showing a strong $19.43 million gross for the 4-day weekend. Gross to date is $98.9 million. 

Year's top boxoffice 

1. $577.0 mil Titanic in release 22 weeks 4 days 
2. $146.7 mil As Good as It Gets in release 22 weeks 0 days 
3. $136.1 mil Good Will Hunting in release 24 weeks 4 days 
4. $125,2 mil Tomorrow Never Dies in release 22 weeks 4 days 
5. $100.7 mil Scream 2 in release 23 weeks 4 days 
6. $ 98.9 mil Deep Impact in release 2 weeks 4 days 
7. $ 93.0 mil Flubber in release 21 weeks 5 days 
8. $ 76.9 mil The Wedding Singer in release 14 weeks 4 days 
9. $ 74.3 mil Godzilla in release 1 week 0 days 
10.$ 70.5 mil City of Angels in release 6 weeks 4 days
Box Office 15-17 May - Deep Impact is number 1 for the second week with a weekend  gross of $23.3 based on preliminary figures available Sunday 17 May. Cume to date is an estimated $74.0 million. 

CBS Deal - CBS has secured six runs of "Deep Impact" from Paramount over six years, beginning in February 2001. The deal is reported to be for $25 million plus escalator clauses should the box office take off. The film is expected to run through the usual home video and  pay-per-view chain first. As reported in the 12-14 June 1998 ussue of the Hollywood Reporter. 

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