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Deep Blue Sea Movie
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Deep Blue Sea 
Release date: 30 July 1999 
Deep Blue Sea Official Web Site
Warner Bros. 

Saffron Burrows ---------- Dr. Susan McAlester, the genetic engineering scientist 
Thomas Jane ------------- Carter Blake, shark expert 
LL Cool J/James Todd Smith -- Sherman "Preacher" Dudley, crew member 
Jacqueline McKenzie ----- Janice Higgins, marine biologist 
Michael Rapaport -------- Tom Scoggins, facility engineer 
Stellan Skarsgård --------- Jim Whitlock, research physician 
Aida Turturro  ------------ Brenda Kerns, tower controller 
Samuel L. Jackson ------- Russell Franklin, fiancial backer 

Directed by --------------- Renny Harlin 
Produced by -------------- Akiva Goldsman, Alan Riche, Tony Ludwig 
Executive producer ------- Duncan Henderson 
Co-Producer ------------- Rebecca Spikings 
Director of Photography -- Stephen F. Windon 
Production Designer ------ William Sandell 
Editor -------------------- Christian Wagner 
Supervising Art Director -- Mark W. Mansbridge 
Visual Effects Supervisor  -- Jeffrey A. Okun 
Costume Designer -------- Mark Bridges 
Written by ---------------- Talley Griffith, Duncan Kennedy 
MPAA R for graphic shark attacks, and for language. 
"Deep Blue Sea" - the movie, a big budget movie about a scientist, Dr. Susan McAlester, who, through genetic engineering, produces sharks with the intelligence of dolphins but with the ferocity of their own species. Carter Blake is the shark expert who doesn't at all agree with the way that McAlester is running her project. Then when McAlester is under financial pressure to continue the project, an accident occurs and a storm arrives. It's a very busy time in these DNA re-engineered mako shark waters. 

Shooting began on 3 August 1998 at the Fox Baja Studios in Mexico. The Research Station Aquatica, was constructed in the studio’s Tank #1, This 360,000 square foot concrete pool was the same tanked used for the largest set of "Titanic", the 90% scale model of the H.M.S. Titanic. 

The second film to go under Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow co-production deal. The first one is "Matrix" which was shot in Australia.

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"Deep Blue Sea Soundtrack
Audio CD (July 27, 1999) 
Wea/Warner Brothers; ASIN: B00000JQZ1
1. Deep As Blue Is (Shark's Fin) - LL Cool J
2. Say What - LL Cool J
3. Come Home With Me - AMyth
4. Good 'N Plenty - Divine
5. El Paraiso Rico - Deetah
6. I Found Another Man - Natice
7. Just Because - F.A.T.E.
8. Remote Control Soul - Bass Odyssey
9. I Can See Clearly Now - Chantel Jones
10. Get Tha Money (Dollar Bill) - Hi-C/DJ Quik
11. Deep Blue Sea Montage - Trevor Rabin
12. Come Inside - Natice
13. Burn, Baby, Burn - Simone Starks
14. Smoke Man - Smokeman

Fan Comments
2 Aug - Oh my gosh looking at all these comments is making me can't waite to see this movie tomorrow all my friends said it was ill, da bomb, all that and more! 

2 Aug - Hey, this movie rocked!!! I give it 5 stars!!!!! A lot of unexpected events, cast is great. 

1 Aug - I just got back from seeing that movie and it was so cool. Im going to see it again. The best part was not knowing what would happen next. Every moment was a scare for me. Thanks for for making a good movie which makes everyone sit on the edge of their seat. -- # 1 Deep Blue Sea Fan 

1 Aug - I absolutely loved it!! It kept me on the edge of my seat. I remember seeing Jaws when I was a teenager and it scared me. This was definitely a very exciting and scary movie. It didn't hurt to look at Thomas Jane also. Great movie! -- Lisa 

1 Aug - I had a chance to check out this flick by chance. I had hyped myself up to see "The Hauting", which was alright, but the "Deep Blue Sea" knocks "The Haunting" to Romper Room. "Deep Blue Sea" is the summer's best flick ever. It's intense, scary, great charcters, and monster sharks! Go see this film if you can only have the time to check out one hot flick this summer! -- Michele 

1 Aug - This movie was simply amazing. the characters weren't too shallow, the acting wasnt overdone, and the action was nonstop and mindblowing. you honestly dont know who, if anybody, is going to survive in the movie.... a definite must see!!! -- Aric 

31 Jul - Wow, Their is so many words I can give this movie to say it was the best! I didn't expect the movie to be the way it what I was thinking, but it turned out great its not the normal at the end man and women left alive! Please make another movie as good as DEEP BLUE SEA! 

31 Jul - The studios, knowing that the dating audience demographic is replaced with fresh eyeballs every generation remake the same movies over and over. Whoever wrote this script, which was probably pitched as "Jurassic Park" meets "Jaws" and originally entitled "Smart Shark", knows traditional Hollywood movie constructs and has broken with traditional structure and casting practices, preying on audience expectations, and delivered one of the most amazingly surprising moments I've witnessed in cinema in a very long time. It has none of the brilliance of the relationships in "Jaws" but Thomas Jane, the Jean Paul Belmondo look-a-like, is probably going to get cast in something again. LL Cool J is very enjoyable. Bring a date, he/she'll end up holding your hand for sure. -- CanMacMan 

31 Jul - This movie made Jaws look like a guppy. It was so well made. I can't wait to see it again. The fx are so incredible that it is hard to see where the animatronics start & where real footage begins. 

31 Jul - Two words: IN-TENSE! When I first saw the movie poster for DBS, I thought it would be just another cheesy JAWS rip-off.....then I saw the previews and got excited. Yesterday I saw DBS. WOW!!! I am a hard-core movie buff...and JAWS will always be a cinema classic....but DBS makes JAWS seem like a kiddie cartoon. AWESOME effects....and a couple of times I jumped clear out of my seat. I can't wait to go back with friends so I can watch THEM wet THEIR pants! Give me a 45-foot Mako over a 20-foot Great White anytime. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Beach volleyball, anyone? 

29 Jul - This movie was awesome. It was very terrifying. There were a lot of unexpected events and the $6.50 was well worth it.  Basically you should go see it. Oh, and don't tell but I think I wet myself a little. -- shan 

29 Jul - All right! Everyone in the world must go and see this movie. From the beginning, it had me scared out of my mind! The effects were unreal! They were fabulous! The acting was great and.. well, no other words could describe this movie! All I can say is that it is much, much, much, much, much (times infinity plus one) better than any Jaws movie. Go and see it! Oh, just to give fair warning, if anyone has a history of heart trouble, do not go and see this film. 

29 Jul - This was the best movie i have ever seen in the f***in world! 

29 Jul - hi, was at the edge of the seat most of the time. amazing, sharkophobia returns rejuvenated after jaws! 

28 Jul - hello just go back from seeing this movie and it is great it had my adrenaline pumpimpin throughout the movie, the cast of characters were excellent i recommend this to everyone. 

16 Jul - I can't wait to see this film, because its gonna be the scariest thing that anybody can see. Also I hope it can make people scared of the water and be the next jaws. -- UCLA fan 


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