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Corruptor Movie 
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Release date: 12 March 1999 
Corruptor Official Web Site 
New Line 
Illusion Entertainment Group 
Chow Yun-Fat -------------- Nick Chen 
Mark Wahlberg ------------- Danny Wallace 
Ric Young ------------------- Henry Lee 
Paul Ben-Victor ------------ Schabacker 
Jon Kit Lee ------------------ Jack 
Andrew Pang -------------- Willy Ung 
Brian Cox ------------------- Sean Wallace 
Elizabeth Lindsey ---------- Louise Deng 
Byron Mann ---------------- Bobby Vu 
Kim Chan ------------------- Benny Wong 
Bill Macdonald ------------- Vince Kirkpatrick 
Susie Trinh ------------------ Amy San 
Tovah Feldshuh ------------- Margaret Wheeler 

Directed by ------------------ James Foley 
Produced by ----------------- Dan Halsted 
Executive producers, ------- Oliver Stone, Terence Chang, Bill Carraro, Jay Stern 
Co-executive producers ---- Jonathan Krauss, Brian Witten 
Camera ---------------------- Juan Ruiz-Anchia 
Editor ------------------------ Howard E. Smith 
Music ------------------------ Carter Burwell 
Music supervisor ----------- Dana Sano 
Production designer -------- David Brisbin 
Art direction ----------------- Paul Denham Austerberry 
Set decorator ---------------- Jaro Dick 
Costume designer ---------- Doug Hall 
Stunt coordinator ----------- Philip Neilson 
Assistant director ----------- Jeff Authors 
Screenplay ------------------ Robert Pucci. 
Casting ---------------------- Mary Vernieu, Anne McCarthy 
MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language and sexuality. 
Running time: 110 min 

In "Corruptor", the movie, star Chow Yun-Fat leads this action based thriller drama. Chow is well known in Hong Kong. 
Nick Chen, head of this NYPD precinct,  seems to have some ties to the Triads. The Triads and the Fukienese Dragons don't seem to be getting along. Danny Wallace finally begins to see that the corruption has infiltrated the upper levels of his precinct. 

Action, thriller, drama, honor, betrayal. 

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2. Corruptor's Execution, The - Pimp C/Bun B/E-40/B-Legit 
3. Take It Off - UGK 
4. Be My Dirty Love - Too Short 
5. Slow Down - Jane Blaze/Sauce Money 
6. Slap Somebody - Keith Murray 
7. Game Recognize Game - Nite & Day 
8. Feel The Rush - Mic Vandalz/Kasino/Big Stan 
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Audio CD (March 9, 1999) 
Uni/Varese Sarabande
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