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Title . Celebrity 
Release date:  3-13 Sep 1998, World Premiere, at the Venice Intl Film Festival 
Release date: 25 September 1998, opened the 36th New York Film Festival
Release date: 20 Noevember 1998 general release
Celebrity Official Web Site - at Miramax
Miramax - distributor for US 
Credits . Cast: 
  • Hank Azaria ----------- David
  • Kenneth Branagh ------ Lee Simon, travel writer
  • Judy Davis ------------- Robin Simon. schoolteacher
  • Leonardo DiCaprio ---- Brandon Darrow, film star
  • Melanie Griffith -------- Nicole Oliver, blonde model-actresss
  • Framke Jansssen ------ Bonnie
  • Michael Lerner -------- Dr. Lupus
  • Joe Mantegna --------- Tony Gardella
  • Winona Ryder --------- Nola, waitress wannabe actress
  • Charlize Theron ------- Supermodel and tease
  • Greg Mottola ---------- Director
  • Bebe Neuwirth -------- Hooker
  • Gretchen Mol --------- girlfriend of Brandon Darrow
  • Donald Trump --------- cameo appearance
  • Joey Buttafucco -------- cameo appearance
  • Directed by ------------- Woody Allen 
    Produced by ------------ Jean Doumanian 
    Executive producer ------ J. E. Beaucaire 
    Co-executive producer -- Jack Rollijns, Charles H. Joffe, Letty Aronson (Allen's sister) 
    Co-producer ----------- Richard Brick 
    Assistant director ------- Richard Patrick 
    Written by ------------- Woody Allen 
    Camera by ------------- Sven Nykvist 
    Production designer ---- Santo Loquasto 
    Art director ------------ Tom Warren 
    Set decorator ---------- Susan Kaufman 
    Editor ------------------ Susan E. Morse 
    Costume Designer ----- Suzy Benzinger 
    Casting ---------------- Juliet Taylor, Laura Rosenthal 
    Rated R for language, sex and some drug use. 
    Running time 113 min 

    . The movie "Celebrity" is a Woody Allen film shot in New York City and has celebrities in various incarnations. Lee Simon is the travel writer who is doing a story on the screen star Nicole Lover. Lee proceeds through a series of sexual episodes. Must be related with his 40's something mid life crisis. Judy Davis plays his wife, Robin. DiCaprio makes an appearance near the end as a film star in a hotel room scene with girlfriend Gretchen Mol. 

    Infidelity, Clinton like scenes, blonde beauties, and a banana. 

    Black and white comedy. 

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