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Title . The Borrowers
Release date: 13 February 1998 (12 US markets)
Release date: outside US 1997
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Credits . Cast:
  • John Goodman ----- Ocious P. Potter
  • Jim Broadbent ----- Pod Clock
  • Mark Williams ----- Exterminator Jeff
  • Hugh laurie ------ Officer Steady
  • Bradley Pierce ---- Pete Lender
  • Flora Newbigin ----- Arrietty Clock
  • Tom Felton ----- Peagreen Clock
  • Raymond Pickard ----- Spiller
  • Celia Imrie ----- Homily clock
  • Aden Gillett ----- Joe Lender
  • Doon Mackichan ---- Victoria Lende
  • Ruby Wax ----- City Hall Clerk
  • Andrew Dunfor ----- Dustbunny
  • Bob Goody ----- Minty
  • Patrick Monkton ----- Swag
  • Dick Ward ----- Milk Man
  • George Yiasoumi ---- Wrigley
  • Directed by: Peter Hewitt
    Photography by: Trevor Brooker, John Fenner
    Produced by: Rachel Talalay
    Co-produced by: Liza Chasin, Debra Hayward
    Executive producer: Walt de Faria
    Other producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Mary Richards
    Film edited by: David Freeman
    Music by: Harry Gregson-Williams
    Production design by: Gemma Jackson
    Costume design by: Marie France
    Based on the novel by: Mary Norton
    Written by: John Kamps, Gavin Scott

    . Based on the popular children's novel series by Mary Norton.

    The borrows are little people who live under the floors of our homes. They collect or "borrow" items such as socks, buttons, batteries, etc.

    The realtor Ocious Potter wants to tear down the house to build luxury apartments. The borrowers conspire against the evil realtor with the help of the son of the house owner, Pete.

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