Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie
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  • . Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie 
    aka Barney's Great Escape (working title) 
    Release date: 3 April 1998 selected markets 540 theaters 
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • Barney ---------------- as himself
  • George Hearn ------- Granpa Greenfield
  • Shirley Douglas ------ Grandma Greenfield
  • Trevor Morgan ------ Cody Newton, one of Barney's best buddies
  • Diana Rice ----------  Abby Newton, one of Barney's best buddies
  • Kyla Pratt -----------  Marcella, one of Barney's best buddies
  • David Joyner -------- Barney (Body)
  • Bob West ----------  Barney (Voice)
  • Jeff Ayres ----------- Baby (Body)
  • Julie Johnson -------- Baby Bop (Voice)
  • Renee Madeleine Le Guerrier --- Mildred Goldfinch
  • Directed by: Steve Gomer 
    Producer: Sheryl Leach, Dennis DeShazer 
    Casting: Ronna Kress 
    Executive producer: Ben Myron 
    Director of Photography: Sandi Sissel 
    Production designer: Vincent Jefferds 
    Editor: Richard Halsey 
    Screenplay by: Stephen White 
    Story by: Stephen White, Sheryl Leach, Dennis DeShazer 
    Executive music producer: Jan Rhees 
    Music by: Jerry Herman 
    Running Time: 75 min 
    Rated G 

    . Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie places a big purple dinosaur on the big screen for the first time. Action takes place when the three kids (Cody, Abby, Marcella) along with Cody's and Abby's baby brother visit their Grandpa and Grandma for a week on the farm. The Barney doll turns in to the real thing and the adventure begins. First a search for a large colorful egg and then a stop at a main street parade, a traveling circus, a French restaurant and a hot-air balloon competition. 

    The movie features Barney, his young friends, Baby BopTM and BJTM . A brand new character is hatched, Twinken - a wish making creature. 

    While movie going watch out in the lobby. PolyGram Film's parent company, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Distribution, will be working with the theaters to offer both kids and adults something new from the moment they walk into the lobby. 

    Composer Jerry Herman (Broadway's Hello Dolly, Mame) will have new songs especially for the movie. 

    Sheryl Leach is Barney's Creator. 

    Watch out for Microsoft's high profile promotions for Microsoft Corp./ActiMates Interactive Barney. 

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