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Baby Geniuses Movie 
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Baby Geniuses 
Release date: 12 March 1999 
Baby Geniuses Web Site - Sony site
Sony Pictures 
Kathleen Turner ------------- Leena
Christopher Lloyd ----------  Heap 
Kim Cattrall ------------------ Robin 
Peter MacNicol ------------- Dan 
Ruby Dee ------------------- Margo 
Dom De Luise -------------- Lenny 
Kyle Howard --------------- Dickie
Kaye Ballard --------------- Mayor

Directed by ----------------- Bob Clark 
Produced by ---------------- Steven Paul 
Executive producer -------- David Saunders 
Co-executive producers --- Hank Paul, Jon Voight 
Costume designer ---------- Betty Pecha Madden 
Baby wardrobe furnished by -- Baby Guess 
Music by -------------------- Paul Zaza 
Editor ------------------------ Stan Cole 
Production designer ------- Francis J. Pezza 
Director of photography --- Stephen M. Katz
Visual effects supervisor -- Jacques Stroweis
Screenplay ------------------ Bob Clark, Greg Michael 
Story by --------------------- Steven Paul, Francisca Matos, Robert Grasmere 
MPAA: rated PG for some rude behavior and dialogue.
Running time: 1 hour 34 min

In "Baby Geniuses", the movie, the plot centers on the idea that toddlers have their own language. Kathleen Turner plays Dr. Elena Kinder, president of the multinational Babyco. Dr. Dan Bobbins (Peter MacNicol) and his wife Robin (Kim Cattrall) run a nursery. Their staff: Dom DeLuise and Ruby Dee. Dan is trying to figure out the baby talk.


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