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At First Sight Movie 
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At First Sight 
Release date: 15 January 1999 
At First Sight Official Web Site 
Val Kilmer ------------ Virgil Adamson 
Mira Sorvino ---------- Amy Benic 
Kelly McGillis --------- Jennie Adamson 
Steven Weber --------- Duncan Allanbrook 
Bruce Davison -------- Dr. Charles Aaron 
Nathan Lane ---------- Phil Webster 
Ken Howard ---------- Virgil’s Father 

Directed by ----------- Irwin Winkler 
Produced by ---------- Irwin Winkler, Rob Cowan 
Co-producer ---------- Roger Paradiso 
Music by -------------- Mark Isham 
Lyrics by -------------- Alan and Marilyn Bergman 
Performed by --------- Diana Krall 
Music Supervisor ----- Stephan R. Goldman 
Costume designer ---- John Dunn 
Film editor ------------- Julie Monroe 
Productioin ------------ Jane Musky 
Director of photography -- John Seale 
Screenplay ----------------- Steve Levitt 
Based on the story “To See and Not See” by Oliver Sacks, M.D. 
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for scenes involving sexuality and nudity, and for brief strong language. 

In "At First Sight", experimental surgery gives vision to the previously blind Virgil Anderson (Val Kilmer). The results are not what he and his loved one (Mira Sorvino) expected. Jenny (Kelly McGillis) is Virgil's older protective sister. 

Based on a true story. 

Based on the Book "An Anthropologist on Mars" by Oliver Sacks, M.D. 

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Fan Comments 
30 Apr - I have to say I really loved this movie. Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino had me captivated right from the start.  This is my kind of movie.  When a movie can move you to tears, then that's when you know the acting is good.  It makes us all grateful for what we have.  That precious gift of sight. And how we all take it for granted.  I think some of us can relate to Kilmers character in that we shouldn't change ones self if we are already happy in being who we are.   In this case he was happier being blind.  After all that's all he knew.

6 Apr - I think Val Kilmer's acting skill is very entertaining --  he must have had a ball in "saint"   ---  terrific. Just as terrific was the portrait of the cocky but gently vulnerable (which is always a winner) fbi agent in "thenderheart". His portrayal of jim morrison was so believable that i founded absolutely irritating  --  go straight already !! I was given  3 of his movies and i am pretty stuck on the entertainment. CONGRATULATIONS VAL  ..   
When will you present your talent on or "off - broadway"   ---  I love the train ride to NYC and delight in taking in as many plays as my schedule permits  --  look forward to your live performance  ..   

31 Jan - I saw "At First Sight" this past Friday with my fiance. Both of us were touched beyond words by the incredible story and acting. The movie brought tears to BOTH of our eyes. I truly was moved to re-evaluate my life and how I go through it. I am an extremely sensitive person, an artist, a writer, and I love nature; so, I felt connected to Val's character and how he was able to find the true beauty in all things, the beauty within. I cannot wait to see it again, and I have decided to make it the subject of a report I have to do for my mass communications class in college. EVERYONE can learn a great deal about life and love by "seeing" this movie!!! -- Kimmy  

27 Jan - I loved At First Sight! It wasn't one of those "glamorized" movies. It was all very real. Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino looked so good together in this movie. Of course, Val always looks good. Wow, he is a wonderful actor, if I didn't know better, I'd think he really was blind! 

24 Jan - My husband and I went to see At first Sight last night. My heart was truly touched. We are parents of a 7 year blind daughter. She is the joy of our lives. We feel so blessed to have her in our family. The movie stirred some very deep emotions in myself. Thanks for the story! It is so nice to see true to life stories. We walked away being thankful for daughter and her unbelievable way of helping us SEE! Thanks again. -- Alex 

18 Jan - Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino really brought the movie alive and into my heart. I think it's one that reaches many souls and tells us a real life lesson about "Seeing is surely not believing". It's with our minds, our hearts, ourselves that bring us together and bring the best out of each and every one of us. This movie was absolutely one of the best. I hope it gets nominated at least for 1999s Academy Awards. To me, if a movie touches my heart and reaches the depth of my soul and gets me to cry, it sure makes me think twice as hard about life. 

17 Jan - Today I saw At First Sight. I loved it! I love Val Kilmer so much, and the movie was so touching. I'm going to tell everyone right now to see it. See it in the movie theater because then you'll get to see him looking very sexy close up. Now stop reading and see the movie!!! 

16 Jan - My mother and I saw the movie today and we loved it!!!! My mom especially felt the love and tenderness of the acting by two great actors. She says she felt young again and fell in love all over again with my dad. I enjoyed it too. Great movie, and we hope we see more of Val and Mira together!!! Touched our Hearts!!! 

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