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Release date: 2 October 1998 
Antz Official Web Site - yes it's at Pepsi but it is the official Antz site. 
Pacific Data Images - production 
DreamWorks - distribution 
Woody Allen ---------- Z-4195 (voice) 
Dan Aykroyd --------- Chip, Wasp #1 (voice) 
Anne Bancroft -------- Queen (voice) 
Jane Curtin ------------ Muffy, Wasp #2 (voice) 
Danny Glover --------- Barbatus (voice) 
Gene Hackman ------- Mandible (voice) 
Jennifer Lopez -------- Azteca (voice) 
John Mahoney ---------Drunk Scout (voice) 
Paul Mazursky -------- Psychologist (voice) 
Grant Shaud ---------- Foreman (voice) 
Sylvester Stallone ----- Weaver (voice) 
Sharon Stone ---------- Princess Bala (voice) 
Christopher Walken --- Cutter (voice) 

Directed by ------------ Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson 
Produced by ----------- Brad Lewis, Aron Warner, Patty Wooton 
Executive producers --- Penney Finkelman Cox, Sandra Rabins, Carl Rosendahl 
Screenplay by --------- Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz 
Music by --------------- Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell 
Production Designer --- John Bell 
Art Director ------------ Kendal Cronkhite 
Edited by --------------- Stan Webb 
Production Managers -- Patty Bonfilio, Jane Hartwell, Denise Minter 
Additional sequences directed by --- Lawrence Guterman 
Creative Consultants -- Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio 
Casting by ------------- Leslee Feldman 
Story consultant ------- Zak Penn 
Head of Story --------- Randy Cartwright
MPAA Rated PG for mild language and menacing action. 
Running time 83 min

Top Photo - Z and Princess Bala take the dance floor at the worker bar.
Bottom photo - Gathering at the aphid bar after a long hard day in the colony. Left to right: the Queen, Z, Princess Bala, Azteca, Weaver.
Sylvester Stallone 
as Weaver
Woody Allen 
as Z
Sharon Stone 
as Princess Bala
Jennifer Lopez 
as Azteca
Gene Hackman 
as General Mandible
Christopher Walken 
as Colonel Cutter
Danny Glover 
as Barbatus
Anne Bancroft 
as the Queen
When Z returns an unlikely hero, he is escorted by General Mandible to the royal court of the Queen. Z is horrified to learn from veteran soldier Barbatus that he is heading into battle. Princess Bala listens with disdain as general Mandible explains his master plan.
The movie, "Antz", is a computer generated animation film by Pacific Data Images. The story is about an individualist ant who reluctantly leads a colony of drones to revolt. Z-4195 is just a worker ant - one in a billion - and his odds of landing the beautiful Princess Bala are about the same. The star's voice is by Woody Allen. 

Undaunted by the colony's unyielding caste system, Z enlists the aid of his best friend, a soldier ant named Weaver, to get to the Princess. When a remarkable twist of fate turns Z from a common drone into an unlikely hero, he unwittingly puts a bug in the plans of the ambitious General Mandible to literally liquidate the colony and remake it in his own image. 

Z soon finds himself leading a revolution that becomes a celebration of individuality in the face of overwhelming conformity. Once the most insignificant of workers, Z may just prove to be the biggest hero of them all. 

Movie-goers should take note that there is some mild language and this DreamWorks movie is targeted at a slightly older age group than the traditional Disney type animated film. Computer animated movies are getting more sophisticated. Just because a movie says animation does not necessarily mean that it's child's play. 9-12 year olds should do fine. Some parents may not find this movie appropriate for their 4-6 year olds. 

Next film following Antz will be Shrek

Computer animation by PDI. Pacific Data Images is 40 % owned by DreamWorks and 60 % owned by its founders. 
3D Character and Environment Digitizing and Modeling provided by Viewpoint Datalabs International, Inc. 

Computer animation 
Romantic comedy 

imho - A kid's movie for grownups. Z is pure Woody starting with the couch. Characterizations are true and the storyline follows the thread. - Don't follow orders. Your must learn to think for yourself. Animation is great from the details of Z's facial features to the individual actions of 5 million dancing ants while the camera's position sweeps the scene. Voices are wonderful as they meld well with the characters and animation. Sharon Stone as Princess Bala brings just the right inflections and moods. Sylvester Stallone does a convincing job as the voice of Weaver. Jennifer Lopez is sweet. Danny Glover makes a great friend. Some may not like the war and annihilation between the soldier ants and the wasps where only Z survives. While DreamWorks plays down the blood and guts, everyone does die, a key ant does get his body separated from his head and he too dies. So it may not be for everyone but most kids even the younger ones will enjoy it with no problem and adults will find it more interesting than they might have first imagined. Many lines and songs are aimed at the adults and will pass over the heads of the younger ones. Yes there is an insectopia. Z, you're da ant. Highly recommended as entertainment for the young ones and as a romantic comedy for the not so young. - reviewed 22 September 1998.

NBC - NBC has the broadcast rights to "Antz" and "The Prince of Egypt" in a deal that includes corresponding network specials. NBC to have 3 runs of each of the films beginning in 2001. As part of the deal, NBC has agreed to air network specials about "Ants" and "Egypt" near their respective release dates. NBC will follow the opening of "Antz" with an 10 October special hosted by Sharon Stone and offer a behind the scenes look at the production. 

Video - Video to go on sale priced as a sell-through on 9 February 1999. This is a very short time from the opening of a movie to when the video will be available to the public. 

Give Peace A Chance -- written by John Lennon 
Guantanamera - written by Pete Seeger, Julian Orgon, Jose Fernandez Diaz, Jose Marti 
Almost Like Being In Love - wrtten by Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe 
I Can See Clearly Now - written by Johnny Nash; performed by Neil Finn 
High Hopes - written by Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen; performed by Doris Day 

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"Antz Junior Novelization
by Ellen Weiss 
Reading level: Ages 9-12 
Paperback - 128 pages (October 1998) 
"Antz Score"
Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell
Audio CD (November 3, 1998)
Emd/Angel; ASIN: B00000DG1P
Fan Comments
Hi folks - enough of the mild language thread for now. I think we have heard from both sides and I am not sure how much new there is to add there. If you have some other comments about the movie send them along and I will post them. Thanks.

Fan writes 3 Feb - We loved it! I took 5 children from 11 to 2 and they all loved it. The few bad choices in language were not acceptable but we managed. I can't wait until it's on video this week. -- From Mom 

Fan writes 8 Nov - Just saw the film today with my husband, son (8) and daughter (6). I thought the subject matter was quite adult yet presented in a manner quite understandable by school age kids. The animation was incredible. The characters were created with enough unique features and mannerisms to them to believable and identifiable. The emotions depicted ran the gamut. The language? Not quite sure why they marketed the film to kids then had the characters speak like adults...but overall enjoyed the show.

Fan writes 4 Nov - My daughter Katie (5 years old) has seen the movie 5 times and she now wants to take her Daddy.  That would make 6. We really enjoy it!

Fan writes 24 Oct - The movie is based in the true story that is happening every day in Cuba. Actually, is a critic of the communist system in Cuba and also is telling us how the people are selected to perform a job for the rest of their lives with no liberty and no chance for changes. The song played at the bar "GUANTANAMERA" is considered the second Cuban national hymn and "INSECTHOPIA" symbolize the ultimate dream for all the Cubans who wants to escape out the oppression and live in freedom. When "Z" and the princess were trying to cross the lake, represent the voyage started by Cubans almost every day from Cuba (The Colony) to U.S.A (Insecthopia), who almost die in their attempt.

It's a great movie, good for the whole family. a fan from Japan.

Fan writes 18 Oct - First to all the parents complaining about the few cuss words. GET REAL!  ANTZ was a fantastic movie! I will definitely buy it. I took our six year old friend to this movie (with parental permission). She didn't even notice the cuss words and NO she DID NOT repeat them all day long. Cuss words can be heard at the grocery store every single day. Better lock your kids in a vault or something! A concerned Parent with realistic Independent children (grown) that Know how to handle the REAL world! 

Fan writes 16 Oct - Antz amazed me, every month Hollywood puts out an amazing film involving CGI, and the advancements in the technology are staggering. I am a 3d artist and I could not believe the graphics. Two months ago I though that Godzilla showed breaking ground animation, especially the texture mapping and animation. However Antz characters and the movement of the lip-syncing is awesome. Also the lighting and modeling are a feat in themselves. And by the way the story is not bad either. Hats off to the crew at DreamWorks, PDI and Data Viewpoint Labs.

Fan writes 14 Oct - I was at the opening of Antz in Ottawa at the international Animation Film Festival and let me tell you, it is the best movie to come out of 1998 so far! I also met the two directors of the film and they are the funniest, coolest guys I have ever met ... continued success to them, the crew at PDI, and DreamWorks... and lets hope that more great animation is to follow. 

Fan writes 14 Oct - Antz was an awesome movie. Till now I always doubted computer graphics in film. As looking too "perfect"... I couldn't believe how REAL it looked. And it was so much fun to watch!!!!!! The beginning was very cool and so was the ending!!!.. I think the creators did exactly what their own movie was about, and what we should ALL do... think for yourself!!!!.. The characters were perfect and Stallone was definitely the BEST choice!!!! I wanna see if there will be a part II. I hope so, and look forward to it!!! Godzilla: eat your heart out!!!!!!!! from Calgary AB, CANADA!

Fan writes 12 Oct - Me and my girl friend attended the movie last night. To my surprise, I must say I'm a 30 year old male, I found myself getting lost in the movie. When I say that I don't mean (not able to follow the movie) when you can watch a computer animated movie and loose yourself in the movie, like a child, you can then congratulate yourself for a good movie. I hope there are collectibles to follow also. Good work DreamWork's. I guess the name of your company explains it all! Thank you for the great movie! A fan from Canada.

Fan writes 11 Oct - I think Antz is the coolest movie in theaters right now. I am a big fan of Antz. I am only 11 years old and I do not care about the dumb cussing. Antz rules!!!!!!

Fan writes 11 Oct - Unfortunately this is the ONLY place I've found, so far, to send my thought about ANTZ. "Unfortunately" because I'm not a "FAN" commenting. I've yet to determine why directors and producers find it necessary to write in this type of language knowing that the movie is intended to attract kids... and then act as though the parents are being unreasonable for being offended. It's unnecessary, inappropriate and in the future we'll know better before going to a DreamWorks or Pacific Data Images film.

Fan writes 11 Oct - I loved the movie.  It was a big step in CGI movies.  I didn't care about the violent scenes and the cussing.  It wasn't rated PG for nothing so complaining parents should shut up and complain to themselves.  They're the ones that took the risk of bringing their young children along.  Anyhow, the movie was great and I can't wait until it comes on home video. 

Fan writes 11 Oct - PLEASE! Just because a movie is animated, does NOT mean it's for little kids! I personally thought it was a riot! I spent the rest of the day snickering to its humor.-fan from Michigan

Fan writes 10 Oct - I saw this movie last night and thought it was awesome. Why does everyone complain about the swearing? Yeah, it could have been left out and it wouldn't have really taken from the movie, but really people, what's the big deal? The little ones don't know what erotic means, and as for the swear words, do your kids ride the school bus? Are there teenagers on that bus? If so, they probably know those words already, and know not to use them. I thought my little sister would get scared at the battle scene, but she was cool about it. When Z emerges to find every termite and ant except himself has been killed, this little girl behind us kept saying, "That guy's dead." And not in a scared or sad voice. It was like, "Llalalalala oh, look mommy, that guy's dead." You may not want to take your 5 year old, but by all means, if they're in their teens or preteens, take 'em! They'll get as much a hoot out of it as you will. SEE THIS MOVIE!!! It's fantastic! 

 Fan writes 8 Oct - Hey people, look and notice what rating a movie is before taking your kids to it. Use your head I know you have one. I have not even seen the movie yet but I am going to tomorrow. I hope. Just because it is animated does not mean it is G ratted look at japanation or do you not know what that is? Some of those (japanation) are not for kids and they say so in big letters. Anyway I digress sorry but I get annoyed when people try to blame other people for their mistakes. I feel better now.

Fan writes  8 Oct - What do these cretins who are complaining about the mild swearing in the movie think PG stands for?! Grow up, become parentally responsible . . . a fan from UK.

Fan writes 7 Oct - Its a roaster. I especially like how they made each ant look or act in some way that characterizes the person providing the voice for them. For example Sylvester as Weaver the huge soldier ant who likes to fight and won't talk when they are beating the crap out of him. That's totally action Stallone. The movies cool. You earned my $8. A fan from Calgary, AB, Canada

Fan writes 5 Oct - I was disappointed in the language used in the movie Antz. Although I am no prude I try to monitor what my 3, 4, and 7 year old boys watch. I think that the cursing could have been left out. My kids caught every curse word in the movie and repeated it throughout the day. I found out this morning that the rating was PG. I should have done the research more. This is one I will not buy.

Fan writes 5 Oct - My husband and I and our two sons, ages 5 and 6, went to see Antz this past weekend. It was an animated film, so of course we thought it would be totally appropriate for our sons. We did not even think to check the rating. When I first heard what I thought was an inappropriate word in the film (quit your 'bitching'), I did not believe my ears. I thought that would probably be it -- no more words like that. But they continued -- damn, what the hell, oh my god, and talk of an erotic fantasy! Why do people think that's appropriate language for young children? Do they talk like that around their own kids? (Hello film makers and directors!) I was very disappointed in this film because of the language. Why not leave such things out of the film? It would be just as entertaining, and certainly less offensive. So, I have now been telling everybody I know NOT to go see Antz. Sincerely, Concerned Movie-Goer 

Send me your comments. I post fan comments.

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