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Analyze This Movie 
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Analyze This 
Release date: 5 March 1999 
Analyze This Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Robert De Niro ------------ Paul Vitti, the mob boss 
Billy Crystal ---------------- Ben Sobel, the psychiatrist 
Lisa Kudrow --------------- Laura MacNamara, broadcaster 
Joe Viterelli ---------------- Jelly 
Chazz Palminteri ----------- Primo Sindone 
Bill Macy -------------------- Isaac Sobel 
Leo Rossi ------------------- Carlo Mangano 
Kyle Sabihy ---------------- Michael Sobel 
Rebecca Schull ------------ Dorothy Sobel 
Molly Shannon ------------- Caroline 
Max Casella ---------------- Nicky Shivers 
Pat Cooper ----------------- Salvatore Masiello 
Richard Castellano --------- Jimmy 
Jimmie Ray Weeks -------- FBI Agent Steadman 
Elizabeth Bracco ---------- Marie Vitti 
Tony Darrow -------------- Moony 
Donnamarie Recco -------- Sheila 

Directed by ---------------- Harold Ramis 
Produced by ---------------- Paula Weinstein, Jane Rosenthal 
Executive producers ------- Bruce Berman, Chris Brigham, Billy Crystal 
Co-producer ---------------- Len Amato 
Screenplay ------------------ Peter Tolan, Ramis, Kenneth Lonergan 
Story by --------------------- Lonergan, Tolan 
Camera ---------------------- Stuart Dryburgh 
Editor ------------------------ Christopher Tellefsen 
Music ------------------------ Howard Shore 
Production designer -------- Wynn Thomas 
Art director ----------------- Jefferson Sage 
Set decorator --------------- Leslie E. Rollins 
Costume designer ---------- Aude Bronson-Howard 
Associate producer --------- Suzanne Herrington 
Assistant director ---------- Michael Haley 
Casting ---------------------- Ellen Chenoweth, Laura Rosenthal 
MPAA Rated R for language, a scene of sexuality and some violence. 
Running time: 103 min 

In "Analyse This", you have a comedy movie about a psychiatrist which directs his insecure mob boss patient to get in touch with his feelings. From the mafia life of New York to get married in Miami. 


4 Mar Thr - Billy Crystal on the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS 
5 Mar Fri - Chazz Palminteri on the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS 
11 Mar Thur - Billy Crystal on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC 
11 Mar Thur - Lisa Kudrow guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien NBC 

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