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"Zero Effect"

Jake Kasdan, certainly lives up to his father’s reputation for making interesting movies. Here the son Jake not only has written a very literate script, but directed as well.  He will be worth watching in the future for the magic spell that he has woven in his first film.

Bill Pullman, probably the sexiest man on our screen today, plays a recluse as the world’s greatest detective, with a sidekick doing all the dirty work played by Ben Stiller.  Pullman credits his success to the two ‘oo’, objectivity and observation.  The script really allows him to make the two work when Ryan O'Neal, as a millionaire hires him to locate a set of missing keys and protect some secrets of his past.   Things get perking when Kim Perkins, as the woman involved in the case, gets Pullman involved with her and slowly we find ourselves being pulled into a messy mess, with subplots being exposed right and left.  O'Neal reveals what an excellent character actor he has turned into, with a portrayal that is once deceiving and full of warmth and charm.  He makes us care and after all that is what actors should do.

We should encourage more innovative filmmakers to think out their projects and have as exciting debuts as Jake Kasdan has with the beauty of a movie, Yes Virginia there’s a Zero Effect.

Zero Effect
Columbia Pictures
Produced by: Lisa Henson, Janet Yang, Jake Kasdan
Directed by: Jake Kasdan
With: Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, Ryan O'Neil, Kim Dickens, Angela Featherstone
Written by: Jake Kasdan
Director of photography: Bill Pope
Production design by: Gary Frutkoff
Costume design by: Kym Barrett
Edited by: Tara Timpone
Executive producer: Jim Behnke
Co-producer: Naomi Despres
Rated: R

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Original Date Wednesday 25 February 1998
Updated Wednesday 25 February 1998