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You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks started out 1998, “Saving Private Ryan”, and winds up the holidays of 1998 saving Meg Ryan, in the movie that Nora Ephron, the same gal that gave us “Sleepless in Seattle”, with the same stars, and all blissfully happy that they are all together.

Of course the source material for this 90’s comedy is Ernst Lubitsch comedy “Little Shop Around The Corner”, which starred James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, also the Judy Garland and Van Johnson movie “In The Good Old Summer Time”, that time it was a music store. With the computer chips this time the story is really updated, and we find our would be lovers Hanks and Ryan, who are cheating on their lived in lovers, Parker Posey and Greg Kinnear through cyber space. It takes them over half of the movie to finally interact with each other as real persons and not their log-on ID NY152 and Shopgirl as they have been communicating with each other, through their on-line experiences and still not revealing too much specifically. That Ephron can weave such a magic spell for these two stars, it is marvelous, because they are so charismatic and are easy to behold for the slim threads of this romantic comedy.

Though both give wonderful performances, it is Meg Ryan who gets the nod for the nomination of the Golden Globe; it will be interesting to see how that turns out. She is very natural and quite moving that she almost traps you emotionally into her stint. Nora Ephron has to move on from these formula comedies and give these two stars something they can really sink their teeth into. How about the “Thin Man” series. A William Powell, Myna Loyd married couple.

You've Got Mail
Warner Bros.
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan
Parker Posey
Jean Stapleton
David Chappelle
Steve Zahn
Dabney Coleman

Directed by ------------- Nora Ephron
Produced by ------------ Nora Ephron, Lauren Shuler Donner
Camera ---------------- John Lindley
Editor ------------------ Richard Marks
Costume designer ---- Albert Wolsky
Screenplay ------------- Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron
Based on the screenplay “The Shop Around the Corner” by Samson Raphaelson from the play “Parfumerie” by Miklos Laszlo

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Original Date 27 December 1998