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The Winslow Boy

A David Mamet film cannot be ignored and when he has change venue to the point that it is almost a new David Mamet that you are dealing with, it really uproots all the expectations you always have of his films. With this one he does not disappoints and the material seems as fresh as if it been written yesterday. He has taken the play by Terence Rattigan and brought it to the screen with such fidality and certainly with much more panache then you would expect from him. Believe me this is no “The Spanish Prisoner”, this is so much more. With a cast that has you riveted by their performances. From Nigel Hawthorne, as the father who really believes in his son’s truth, Jeremy Northam, as a lawyer who is willing to fight for the truth. Rebecca Pidgeon’s performance as the sister is on target and her hint at a possible romance with the lawyer is telling. When Hawthorne’s son is dismissed from school, for what the school believes him to be the culprit of a crime he did not commit, but is the main suspect. His father takes who holds a tremendous role in the politics of his nation, feels very strongly that is his son is innocent he will fight for their name, of course there are so many ramifications to be confronted before things can be resolved and resolved they are with the language serving everyone in this production to a beautiful “T”. But it is Mamet who surprises and gives up a new facet of his brilliant career. If you are looking for something to disturb your mind and still entertain you I strongly advise you to attend this one.


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Original Date 17 June 1999