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"Wild Man Blues"

It is a Blues day for Woody Allen and nothing wild about it.  I am a really nut when it comes to Woody Allen movies and even though I didn’t hold high expectations for his seven men jazz group, doing a European tour I still thought it would be interesting to see what all the fuss is about his music.  Very disappointing is the fact that not one piece of music gets full value in this flick and his tour seem to be more about curtain calls and audience adulation from Paris, to Venice, to Milan, to Bologna, Turin, Rome and finally London where he declares that he is homesick for New York.  We are left high and dry with expectation of great New Orleans Jazz, which really never happens.

The title of this flick is a rip-off and you cannot help but wonder where that Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple, was asleep at the helm, remember her excellent, “Harlan County, U.S.A.”  What is more revealing is the beauty of the young Soon-Yi Previn, who later became Woody’s wife.  She is so relaxed before the camera and shows great maturity in the handling of  her old cantankerous husband to be.  She is a great nursemaid to his humorous antics.  This is a very inexpensive way to pay for his European Tour, making his movie fans pay for this concoctions that leaves a treachly taste in your mouth.

Please hurry up and make a REAL MOVIE, especially since his mother says if he had a choice he would have chosen music, the Gods spared him, and he makes great movies and mediocre music.

Wild Man Blues
Fine Line


  • Woody Allen
  • Dan Barrett
  • Greg Cohen
  • Eddy Davis
  • John Gill
  • Soon-Yi Previn
  • Cynthia Sayer
  • Simon Wettenhall
  • Directed by ---- Barbara Kopple
    Produced by --- Jean Doumanian
    Rated PG for brief language

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    Original Date Wednesday 15 July 1998
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