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"What Dreams May Come"

Are we drowning in a sea of tears, with all the recent movies, geared to just tear us up emotionally? “Simon Birch “, “One True Thing”, and now “What Dreams May come:” director Vincent Ward, do you recalled his sensational outing in “Map Of The Human Heart”, tackles “What Dreams May Come”, an “Orpheus and Eurydice” romantic comedy with great guns and he gives viewers a kaleidoscope of art imitating art. It is a triumph off visual color and special effects, hardly ever used in films. As traveling through an art gallery, you cannot even begin to the heights this picture takes you in rainbow colors of the palette, unfortunately it stops there.

Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr., both recipients of best supporting actors at the Academy Awards, give the good old buddies try, but we are left with the expectation that there should be more meat to this story. Annabella Sciorra and Msx Von Sydow fare so much better in roles that need someone for a sounding board. The idea of a husband going to Heaven after a car accident and his wife going to Hell, after her suicide, because she can’t leave without him sounds intriguing enough (a romantic comedy?), well that what makes for the elaborate effect of the senses in the art department. So many people made this possible to happen in this 70 million dollar spectacle, that you certainly don’t have any limits on what backgrounds to utilize, even though purgatory gets left out. Williams is quoted as having been drawn to the project because of the special effects used in a revolutionary way instead of the usual violent movies conjured them constantly. Well he is on target there and hopefully the viewers will see themselves in this manner too. Disney thy name be “Fantasia”.

What Dreams May Come
Robin Williams -------- Chris Nielsen
Cuba Gooding Jr. ----- Albert
Annabella Sciorra ----- Annie Nielsen
Max von Sydow ------- The Tracker

Directed by --------------- Vincent Ward
Produced by -------------- Barnet Bain, Stephen Simon
Special visual effects and digital animation -- Digital Domain
Editing by ----------------- David Brenner, Maysie Hoy
Written by ---------------- Ron Bass
Based on novel by ------- Richard Matheson
Rated PG-13

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Original Date Monday 12 October 1998