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"The Wedding Singer"

As an entertainment, we must be getting terrible desperate.  The Wedding Singer delivers a retro flashback, what at one time must have been the romantic comedy, for it to have held up for a couple of weeks as the number two movie, makes about as much sense as the man in the moon being a lady.  It is without doubt such schlock that it makes you wonder at the mentality of movie going public.

Adam Sandler as the lead who can’t sing, can’t dance and his dubious acting talents are all exposed here.  Is he really from Saturday Night Live!!!!???  The most exciting thing in the movie is Drew Barrymore, who shocks by being a nice normal girl with the horrible problem of wedding on her mind to the wrong person.  Her persona shines brightly in what is a dismal try at comedy.  She has done so many cookie roles lately that just being normal is a big move for her.  Not even notable cameos by Billy Idol and Jon Lovitz can help this mire of supposedly mirth.  Adding to the conflict are actors that abet the lost cause Allen Covert, Steve Buscemi and Christine Taylor.

New Line Cinema has made headway recently in so many nice directions, that this will only help them to create something  since the box-office has turned so lucrative for them.  As a lost of fan of “The Wedding Singer”, I wished that he had not sung at anybody’s wedding or for that matter anyone’s bar mitzvah.

The Wedding Singer
New Line Cinema
Produced by: Robert Simonds, Jack Giarraputo
Directed by: Frank Coraci
With: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor
Written by: Tim Herlihy
Director of photography: Tim Suhrstedt
Production design by: Perry Blake
Music by: Teddy Castellucci
Music Supervisor: Michael Dilbeck
Executive producers: Brad grey, Sandy Wernick

Co-executive producers: Brian Witten, Richard Brener
Co-producer: Ira Shuman
Rated: PG-13

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Original Date Wednesday 4 March 1998
Updated Wednesday 4 March 1998