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“Waking Ned Devine”

The roguish good fun that is set in motion by two talented performers in this small scaled film, is enough to start an avalanche of smiles and laughter in any theatre.  Just how avarice and greed are handled here in such good humor, is of course very telling, as opposed to the violent “A Simple Plan”. Here we are caught in a town Tully More with a population of 52 and one of its inhabitants has won the national lottery 6.8 million pounds.

Ian Bannen as the brains that hopes to find out who the winner is before anyone else and David Kelly as his side kick are beautifully matched as tow who will tickle your funnybone until you holler. It is going to be a long time before you forget the nude scene of these two old codgers. Just having David Kelly riding a scooter a la natural with nothing but a helmet and good walking shoes can send you reeling. These two rascals go about trying to defraud the powers that be and you can help but root that they will get away with it. But will they? There is always a fly in the ointment and Eileen Dromey as Lizzie Quinn is the greediest of them all. Can they prevail?

And what about all those little sub-plots, Susan Lynch who would have married James Nesbitt, if she could just get use to the smell of his pig farming. Robert Hickey, who plays a young fatherless child about to be a millionaire and who can’t abide the profession of priesthood, ”Because I don’t think I could work for someone I never met and not get paid for it.” But through all these labyrinths of sub-plots. The money from the lottery and how to collect it becomes the focal point. Kirk Jones first directorial and screenplay efforts have paid handsomely. He has taken the beauty of The Isle of Man and filmed this village like we are there. I would give you so much more to hang on to, but it would spoil it for you, enough said that you should go and buy this winning ticket.

Waking Ned Devine
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Ian Bannen
David Kelly
Fionnula Flanagan
Susan Lynch
James Nesbitt
Maura O’Malley
Robert Hickey
Paddy Ward
James Ryland
Fintan McKeown
Matthew Devitt
Eileen Dromey
Kitty Fitzgerald
Dermot Kerrigan
Brendan F. Dempsey

Directed by --------------- Kirk Jones.
Written by --------------- Kirk Jones
Produced by ------------ Glynis Murray, Richard Holmes
Executive producer ------ Alexandre Heylen
Co-executive producer -- Stephen Margolis
Co-producer ------------ Neil Peplow
Associate producer ------ Miara Martell
Assistant director -------- Mark Goddard
Camera  by ------------- Henry Braham
Editor by ---------------- Alan  Strachan
Music by ---------------- Shaun Davey
Production designer ----- John Ebden
Art director -------------- Mark Tanner
Costume designer -------- Rosie Hackett
Casting ------------------ Ros and John Hubbard
MPAA: Rated PG for nudity, language and thematic elements.
Running time: 91 min

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Original Date 5 January 1999