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Tea With Mussolini

Franco Zeffrelli’s hits a bonanza with this exciting film. He brings together the talents of some of our most capable actresses to fruition in this film of life, love and laughter an that still captures the horrors of war, without monstrous war scenes. Cher, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith and Lily tomlin are given such jewels of dialogue to dispense and treasure. The saving of a young boy into manhood, in performances by Charles Lucas and Bard Wallace are indeed outstanding. Judi Dench, fresh from her Academy Award and Tony Award is indeed a treasure to behold. Her performance here is so solid as to obscure the very talented Cher who is no slouch when it comes to giving a very telling performance. That all these talented actresses are up to sharing the screen with so much panache is indeed a feather in Zeffrelli’s cap. He takes the story of an unwanted child and runs with it while interwinding the stories of all the five women with reinforcements of high drama. That all of them can comport themselves to the fullest in their performances is a delight and sheer beauty to see. Zeffrelli never misses a beat, to make the story a palatable pleasure. He guides cajoles all of his performers with such telling grace that you know you are in the hands of a master storyteller. I certainly hope that when Academy Awards Times come around people will remember these ladies, they deserve the glory. I always leave so much of the storyline untold, because I want you the fan to discover the delicious delicacies of excellent and exciting films. This one is a treasure.



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Original Date 17 June 1999