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The Best, The Worst & The Honorable Mention for 1997

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times for 1997 flicks and everyone had their favorites and their not too fond of movies. I really tried to be equitable in selecting what I thought was the most entertaining. Since I base my reviews, in a state of involvement from the characters point of view, the story line, the direction, did I really care about these people? Would I honestly plunk my dollars and advise others to do the same especially when the entertainment dollar becomes so competitive? Well read them and weep or cheer whatever your pleasure be:


1. "L.A. Confidential" - The whole down-under team, plus Curtis Hanson's direction and Kim Basinger's valentine to that era.

2."Boogie Nights" - Burt Reynolds, and Mark Wahlberg reinvented themselves.

3."The Full Monty" - A refreshing original story that delighted & surprised audiences.

4."Mrs. Brown, Her Majesty" - True or False, Judi Dench & Billy Connelly enraptured us.

5."Shall We Dance" - We learned a great deal of the Japanese culture & danced away.

6."Wings Of The Dove" - Venice will never be the same, thank you Helena Bohan Carter

7."Good Will Hunting" - Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, good timing, good writing.

8."Brassed Off" - Pete Postlethwaite, talent will out.

9. "Eve's Bayou" - Kasi Lemmons, knew of what she wrote & directed.

10."As Good As It Gets" - Always leave room for old and new talent.


"Ice Storm"
"Jackie Brown"
"The Boxer"
"Men In Black"
"My Best Friend's Wedding"
"Wag The Dog"




"Fast, Cheap and Out of Control"
"The Edge"
"Alien Resurrection"
"Kiss and Kill"
"The Sweet Hereafter"
"Home Alone 3"
"The Man Who Knew Too Little"
"In The Company Of Men"

Please don't get all bent out of shape, it is only one person's opinion and you are entitled to your favorites. Maybe 1998 will be kinder to all of us.

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Original Date Sunday 4 January 1998
Updated Sunday 4 January 1998