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"Rush Hour"

East is East, and West is West and never the twain shall meet. Wrong! Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker meet in “Rush Hour” and you can bet your money that a sequel is already in the works. The chemistry that these two bring to the screen is contagious and though they have a predictable story line, it is pure escapist fun. Sometimes we need a movie like this to keep our laughter in balance.

Chris Tucker and L. A. detective, has the duty to keep a police from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, from getting into the hair of an FBI kidnapping investigation. Tucker is lead to believe that this is a very responsible situation, only to find out that his superiors want him out of their hair, since he is a loose cannon-ball to his division. No we have two inept individuals who you guess will outwit the FBI, but not before a series of mishaps and great comedic scenes that establish and expose the talents of these two great communicators with their audience. The ads for the movie are pushing “The fastest hands in the East, versus the biggest mouth in the West,” they didn’t have to spell it out for us.

Brett Ratner, directs with a machine-gun style that makes the effort, seem effortlessly. The casting of Tom Wilkinson, Chris Penn and Elizabeth Pena, only enhanced the crisp and fresh dialogue of the screenplay by Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna, who is also responsible for the story. The kidnapping sequences and the Chinese interiors, as well as the Hong Kong photography by Adam Greenberg are impressive. Especially the last day of British rule in Hong Kong at a party with interesting sidelines. Tucker asks Chan if he can speak English, YES HE CAN, but he mostly speaks with his feet and what a feat that is. ENJOY!

Rush Hour
New Line

Jackie Chan ----------- Detective Inspector Lee
Chris Tucker ---------- Detective James Carter
Tom Wilkinson -------- Thomas Griffin
Elizabeth Peña -------- Tania Johnson
Philip Baker Hall ------ Captain Diel
Mark Rolston --------- Agent Russ
Tzi Ma --------------- Consul Han
Rex Linn ------------- Agent Whitney
Ken Leung ----------- Sang
Chris Penn ----------- Clive
Julia Hsu ------------- Soo Yung

Directed by ------------ Brett Ratner
Produced by ---------- Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman, Arthur M. Sarkissian
Camera --------------- Adam Greenberg
Edited by ------------- Mark Helfrich
Written by ------------ Jim Kouf, Ross LaManna
Story by -------------- Ross LaManna
MPAA Rated PG-13

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Original Date Monday 21 September 1998