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"The Postman"

When I first saw "Dances With Wolves" I loved it and I had to return to the theatre next day to see it again. It was fresh, innovative and creatively beyond any motion picture at that time -1990. Kevin Costner had indeed mastered the Indian subtitles with so much humor and his story telling was laced with the hardships of that era. His "Waterworld" almost did him in, even though it eventually made a profit. So there is hope for the "Titanic". His "Tincup" endeared us to his lackadaisical type of acting again.

Now for "The Postman", if it is a good story and can't be told in less than two hours, we have problems. Especially if the story is thin, like trying to deliver fraud mail in the post-apocalyptic future. Evil against Good against Hope. What will triumph? As if you couldn't guess. Based on the award winning science fiction, David Brin's novel that takes place in 2013. We are in a nuclear mode and civilization has been scattered to the four winds. The evil forces have taken an opportunity to take over the country and along comes Cassidy as the postman. Personifying all that people need to believe in, even if he himself is fostering false hopes by delivering mail he has conjured up himself. He becomes a surviving symbol to all.

The scope and beauty of this lack-luster, block-buster, seems wasted by the talented Kevin Costner, even when he is aided and abetted by such worthy performers like Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams, and the choice villain Will Patton. Between Clint Eastwood and him they managed to always include members of the family. Who says nepotism is dead in Hollywood? Hopefully Mr. Costner will get back to basics.

The Postman
Warner Bros.
Produced by: Jim Wilson, Steve Tisch, Kevin Costner
Directed by: Kevin Costner
With: Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams, James Russo, Tom Petty
Music by: James Newton Howard
Edited by: Peter Boyle
Production designer: Ida Random
Director of photography: Stephen Windon
Screenplay by: Eric Roth, Brian Helgeland
Based on book by: David Brin
Rated: R
Wide Release 25 December 1997

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