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"A Perfect Murder"

“Dial M For Murder”, a play by Frederick Knott, and previously an Alfred Hitchcock's movie with Grace Kelly and Ray Milland, is the basis for  “A Perfect Murder”.  Patrick Smith Kelly, has used the basic plot of the play and former movie and moved it to the posh pad that people with money rarely see.  The nineties are well served in their locales .

Michael Douglas does a reprise of his “Wall Street”, character .  He has refined the evil ways of Gordon Gekko, to a smoother Steven Taylor.  His suavity only makes him more dangerous.  Gwyneth Paltrow, in the Grace Kelly serves her role beautifully, though I must admit I really liked her better in “Sliding Doors”.  There is an artifice that suits her find for this role.  Her lover, Viggo Mortensen, is really a brutish presence and his scenes are as potent as his trashy art.  Each main character has an agenda, to kill each other and that’s what, keeps this wife, husband, lover potboiler boiling.  The role of the inspector falls to David Suchet, and isn’t as powerful as it was in the play.  As a matter of fact suspense is sacrifice for deception, greed and that all powerful green monster, MONEY, Andrew Davis, who gave us the excellent “The Fugitive” comports himself well, but not as exciting as we would have like it to be.  He has brought the talents of great artists to make this a lushly film, where money was no object and it shows, in the photography of Darius Wolski, the art direction of Patricia Woodridge, set decorator, Debra Schutt.  It is Phillip Rosenberg, as production designer of this movie that gives it credence and class.

It is worth seeing, just to see how the rich live.  You have to drool for that kind of ambience.  Why when people have so much, do they want more?

A Perfect Murder
Warner Bros.

  • Michael Douglas
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Sarita Choudhury
  • Michael P. Moran
  • David Suchet
  • Constance Towers

    Directed by: Andrew Davis
    Produced by: Arnold Kipelson, Ane Kopelson, Peter MacGregor-Scott, Christopher Mankiewicz
    Director of photography: Dariusz Wolski
    Production Design by: Philip Rosenberg
    Costume Design by: Ellen Mirojnick
    Edited by: Dennis Virkler
    Screenplay by: Patrick Smith Kelly
    based on play by Frederick Knott

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    Original Date Saturday 6 June 1998
    Updated Saturday 6 June 1998