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"Out Of Sight"

Elmore Leonard’s novel “Out Of Sight”, has been brought to the screen with such style and wit, by Scott Frank’s screenplay and director Steven Soderbergh expert respect for the material of  a prolific underworld writer.  The choice of a cast that makes contact with each other as well as the audience is sensational.

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney give new meaning to the word bonding and chemistry, to the point that they sizzled the screen.  Lopez playing a U.S deputy marshall, more in love with her Sig Sauer .38, than any respectful woman should be, and Clooney as a bank robber with a past that can only land him behind bars as he is the most wanted criminal, both by the F.B.I  and of course the luscious Lopez.

How would you like to have your first date in the trunk of a car?  This isn’t  “It Happened One Night”, the Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert , date movie. We’ve come a long way Virginia. “Out Of Sight” has a supporting cast that is really a starring  silver sterling cast, with the likes of Albert Brooks, Don Cheadie, Ving Rhames , even an unbilled Michael Keaton.  Some audiences are going to be slightly confused at the back-flashes and freeze frames, but that is not the fault of cinematographer Elliot Davis.  The fact that he gives Lopez and Clooney a backdrop of falling snowflakes as they make the frozen north Detroit, RED HOT is definitely poetic.

Out of Sight

  • George Clooney
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Ving Rhames
  • Michael Keaton
  • Directed by ------------- Steven Soderbergh
    Produced by ------------ Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher
    Camera by ------------- Elliot Davis
    Edited by --------------- Anne V. Coates
    Screenplay by ---------- Scott Frank
    Based on Novel by -- Elmore Leonard
    Rated R

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    Original Date Saturday 4 July 1998
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