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"The Opposite Of Sex"

Why is it when a movie is tart and sassy and in your face type comedy that it alienates the audience. Everyone is raving about Christina Ricciís performance, yet I found it lacking in developing a character. That despite its shortcoming, was so damaging to the actress that hardly understands herself.

Lisa Kudrow, is hardly recognizable in a role she embodies the martyrdom of women that fall for the wrong man.  Ricci Moves in with her half-brother who is gay and proceeds to destroy the relationship the lover and half-brother have.  She declares herself pregnant and creates havoc with everyone she comes into contact with, which is everyone in the cast. The role of the brat, trying to grow up and still be sexy and available is a bit embarrassing at this stage in her career.

Lyle Lovett, bet get back to singing, as his acting is most unnatural.  Ivan Sergei, has the thankless role of looking hunky and dumb Don Roos first attempt at le film noir leaves you with the feeling of dishonesty.  Was it pro-gay or homophobic  You want to scream, please rewind the film and letí start all over again, thatís if we can hold the audience for seconds.

The Opposite of Sex
Sony Pictures Classics
Directed by: Don Roos

  • Christina Ricci ----- as Dedee Truitt
  • Martin Donovan --- as Bill Truitt
  • Lisa Kudrow ------ as Lucia
  • Lyle Lovett -------- as Sheriff Carl Tippett
  • Johnny Galecki ---- as Jason
  • Ivan Sergei -------- as Matt Mateo
  • Heather Lee ------ as Tricia
  • Produced by: Michael Besman, David Kirkpatrick
    Written by: Don Roos
    Executive producers:  Steve Danton,  Jim Lotfi
    Cinematography by: Hubert Taczanowski
    Film Editing by: David Codron
    Rated R

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    Original Date Monday 15 June 1998
    Updated Monday 15 June 1998