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Notting Hill

It may be from the creators of “Four Weddings and A Funeral”, but it certainly is not, and I mean IS NOT, even in the same class, God, knows the gorgeous Julia Roberts and the handsome hunk Hugh Grant, do everything in their power to make it work, but it is a workaholic romantic nightmare. How long should it take for two intelligent people to find out that they care about each other, though they come from different worlds. A world famous actress and a bookstore dealer with all the kinky friends, really a bit too much for a two hour movie. The material and the dialogue, soon start taking a toll on the audience. There is only so many times you can kiss and make-up and have misunderstandings that only people that work in the movies can make work, yes, Julia is glowing, and Hugh is funny for a bit, but enchanting that is a bit much. Written by Richard Curtis, it is the kind of a comedy that William Powell and Carole Lombard, made work even if the dialogue was weak, Here only the stars can look beautiful and polished. The direction by Roger Michell is fast and furious as if he is the only one that knows the this material cannot hold up. We have a few sidetracks with all the friends that are a bit much and that leaves a great deal to be desire. Hopefully Julia Roberts next movie with Richard Gere will be a bit more gratifying. Till than you can skip this one, and wait for a new romance.



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Original Date 17 June 1999