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"Next Stop, Wonderland"

“Next Stop, Wonderland”, NEXT STOP, WUNDERBAR, in Boston’s suburbia, there is a stop on the subway, entitled Wonderland, it leads to the beach. The co-writers, Brad Anderson and Lyn Vaus, have picked up this very much like the streetcars of Tennessee Williams, “Desire” and “Cemetary”. Brad Anderson, who also directed the nitty-gritty romance is to be commended for having kept our lovers at bay till the final reel. Certainly their lives cross over and over again without each being unaware of the other.

Hope Davis, as Erin is a nurse, who has just come off a bad relationship and she is not ready to resume a search for Mr. Goodbar, but her mother places a personal ad for her so that she can at least have options and choices. Which she immediately dispenses with alacrity. The fact that so many guys have such lousy lines for picking up women, lends great humor to this story. Hope Davis in creating her character doesn’t elicit much sympathy as she is forever woe-begone in her attitude. You wonder why anyone would want to be involved with her, her looks, maybe, she has an interesting face. On the other hand Alan Gelfant, plays Alan with a certain detachment that makes him desirable as well as admirable His role as a plumber who wants to be a marine biologist is plague by the fact that the Aquarium that hires him, he is just right for plumbing services, forget trying to be better that you are. His life and his profession are better realized in the script, while we have the long suffering Erin trying desperately to fulfill her life. When they finally do meet, we are taken by the simple line, “Would you like to take a walk, “ as opposed to all the trite lines of all the other suitors.

It will be interesting where all the roads will take these people in the future, I certainly hope far.
Next Stop, Wonderland
Miramax Films
Hope Davis --------------- Erin Castleton
Alan Gelfant -------------- Alan Monteiro
Victor Argo -------------- Frank
H. Jon Benjamin ---------- Eric
Cara Buono -------------- Julie
Larry Gilliard Jr.  --------- Brett
Philip Seymour Hoffman  - Sean
Jason Lewis -------------- Rory

Directed by -------------- Brad Anderson
Written by --------------- Brad Anderson,  Lyn Vaus
Produced by ------------- Mitchell Robbins
Co-produced by --------- Laura Bernieri, Rachael Horovitz
Associate producer ------ Ari Newman
Music by ---------------- Claudio Ragazzi
Camera by -------------- Uta Briesewitz
Production Design by --- Chad Detweiller
Editing by --------------- Brad Anderson
Rated R for language.

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Original Date Sunday 10 September 1998