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The Mummy

“The Mummy” is sheer fun from beginning to end and it falls on the shoulders of Brendan Fraser to really keep that tongue-in -cheek flavor though out and that no mean trick to pull with this being a remake of the 1932 flick, except now we have all that technology that really makes this one such a hoot. Rachel Weisz and John Hannah really lend marvelous support to this story telling this time. Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep is a Mummy for all seasons. When they all take to the desert in a search by the determined Rachel, with her cohorts Fraser and Hannah, we go along for the ride and what an adventure it turns out to be with visual effects that are mind-blowing. I think George Lucas could have done himself a service be hiring the like of Brendan Fraser,, he has a way of telegraphing to the audience that really folks you aren’t taking this for serious, consequently we wind being involved in the fun. Even in the unwrapping of all the bandages of the mummy, none is more glorified than the direction and writing of Stephen Sommers, he relishes what he is doing and it becomes contagious to his public. That he is fortunate in having such a delightful cast is only credit to what he had in mind in presenting to his cinema going public. If you want your dollar’s worth of entertainment I advise you to seek this one out. It leaves you with a refreshed look at movies.



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Original Date 17 June 1999