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"Mr. Jealousy"

Eric Stilts and Annabelle Score are the romantic couple in Noah Bombast's, “Mr.. Jealousy”, with twist and turns in what is the jealous nature of Stoltz’s character.  Mr. Stilts is one of our better actors in today's cinema, that he has the good -–ooks and charm to carry the movie so well is much to his credit.  The subtle approach to his affliction makes for surprises in the story.  Aannabella creates a complicated person, with innuendoes of simplicity.  Which only sparks the storyline to beautiful detonations of passionate love scenes.

The Therapy scenes are so well done you feel like an intruder, listening to these people tell each other of their myriad of problems and how they help each other.  How they perceive and relate to their problems under the guidance of a counselor, played by none other than Peter Boganvisch, with such aplomb, that you think he really is one.  It isn’t always easy to be so paranoid and follow your girl-friend, ex into group therapy, but that is where the comedy explodes with serious and comedic overtones.

We would like to see more of Eric Stilts since he has grown into delightful maturity, since he play the son of Cher in “Mask.”

Mr. Jealousy
Lions Gate Films
Cast: Eric Stoltz, Annabella Sciorra
Rated R

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Original Date Monday 15 June 1998
Updated Monday 15 June 1998