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"Mouse Hunt"

The big double-sided beautifully illustrated poster from DreamWorks Studios has now been completely depleted of its products. First with the disastrous "The Peacemaker". Next with the historically boring "Amistad" loaded with great talent that was completely unused.Let us hope that Anthony Hopkins fares better in "The Adventures of Zorro". The fact that it is by another studio gives us high hopes at least for an Antonio Banderas, high camp.

Now for the real bummer. "Mouse Hunt", which is mercifully only ninety seven minutes long and that is a long ninety-seven minutes, makes the three hours and thirteen minutes of the "Titanic" almost seem short. The blundering, thundering stupidity of this movie can't help but make you wonder who really decided to film this tripe. When you think of performers like Nathan Lane (Almost brilliant in "Birdcage") relegated here to dunce work with other capable performers like Lee Evans and Christopher Walken rolling in the mire of this script. If you can call it that.

A series of the same mouse played by five hundred other mice sometimes special effects sometimes just animated and three grown actors trying to get rid of that little rodent who is keeping them from selling the inherited architectural masterpiece is just a bit piece of demented mayhem that can best be left to the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. Now that DreamWorks has completed their 1997 season, I do certainly hope that 1998 will be a better banner year for them. Maybe Steven Spielberg will save the day with "Saving Private Ryan". God knows they hire the talent, like Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Ed Burns and Tom Sizemore. Now if they only hire a good scriptwriter.

Mouse Hunt
DreamWorks Pictures
Produced by: Alan Riche, Tony Ludwig Bruce Cohen
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
With: Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, Maury Chaykin, Christoperher Walken
Music by: Alan Silverstri
Animatronic effects by: Stan Winston Studio
Visual effects supervisor: Charles Gibson
Special visual effects and animation by: Rhythm & Hues Studios
Film editor: Craig Wood
Production designer: Linda DeScenna
Director of photography: Phedon Papamichael
Written by: Adam Rifkin
Rated: PG
Wide Release 19 December 1997

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Original Date Monday 22 December 1997
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