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"Mortal Kombat Annihilation"

This season descends upon us with a myriad of entertainment flicks like; "Home Alone III," with a new kid star, "Flubber" with Robin Williams, in the Fred MacMurray role of "The Absent Minded Professor" another rehashed movie, "The Mouse Hunt", from DreamWorks and of course "Mortal Kombat:Annihilation", the number one at the box-office this week. All the new movies that opened this week, the exception being "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" were played in over 2,000 theatres, how is that for saturation. Quick before somebody gets wise and tells you that it is a waste of your entertainment dollar.

If you haven't been smart to note from the previews that they are catering to a clientele that isn't too discerning, after all if you can spend hours at the video arcades playing this childish game, why shouldn't you enter into the realm of the bigger screen like in cinemascope. Big, Bigger, I remember when Michael Todd introduced "Scentorama", you had buttons that you could press and they would eject a scent, like the car chase through an orange grove, you could really smell the oranges, then the air suction would chill you for the next scent. Man if that isn't true of one being born every minute, sucker that is! Well in Mortal Kombat they forgot to make more money by not supplying joysticks to the theatregoers so that they would get bigger thrills.

Here we have a new director, John R. Leonetti and of course Robin Shou as Llu Kand and his love interest Talisa Soto as Kitana from their last venture when the portal that separated the Outerworld and the Realm of Earth was supposed to find them living happily ever after. Sorry, when the tally from the last feature went over the $100 million mark, somehow the powers that be created more evil and more goods to fight it out and they were right or were they? The martial fights leave you breathless, pass the smelling salts! Thank God for all the wham bangs; the blood and gore is minimal. The story is ludicrous, but not so for those crusaders that are going to make sure that what closes can open the coffers for moviemakers and maybe, just maybe you can press a button and make this mental stench go away. Recommended highly for all those teenagers that have played the video game. Have a blast!


Mortal Kombat Annihilation
NewLine Cinema
Produced by: Lawrence Kasanoff
Directed by: John R. Leonetti
With: Robin Shou, Talisa Soto, Irina Pantaeva, James Remar
Casting by: Fern Champion, Mark Paladini
Music supervisors: Sharon Boyle, John Houlihan
Costume designer: Jennifer L. Parsons
Music by: George S. Clinton
Edited by: Peck Prior
Production designer: Charles Wood
Director of photography: Matthew F. Leonetti
Co-producer: Kevin Reidy
Executive producer: Alison Savitch, Carla Fry, Brian Witten
Story by: Lawrence Kasanoff, Joshua Wesler, John Tobias
Screenplay by: Brent V. Friedman, Bryce Zabel
Rated: PG-13
Released 21 November 1997

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Original Date Monday 24 November 1997
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